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Name change reflects fresh approach to IT security
18 January, 2016
Websense has now become Forcepoint combining the technologies of the IT security companies in the Raytheon group to provide a more consolidated approach to protection
Healthcare industry falls into cyber crime spotlight
28 September, 2015
Websense report examines the vulnerability of the healthcare industry to cyber attacks and reveals startling statistics on the volume of security incidents
Top IT security predictions for 2015
19 November, 2014
Websense has predicted the cybersecurity arena for 2015 with healthcare, the internet of things and credit card users top of the list of attack targets
IT security education needs two-way dialogue with industry
07 August, 2014
Websense comments on the inability of training bodies to keep up with rapidly evolving threats when producing IT security professionals
UK industry suffering from IT security knowledge gap
18 July, 2014
Research from Websense and Ponemon Institute reveals significant gap in knowledge of IT security requirements between industry professionals and corporate management
Short window to protect against Gameover Zeus
03 June, 2014
Websense provides advice on protection against the Gameover Zeus malware which is expected to soon launch a significant attack
Data destruction predicted to rise in 2014
15 November, 2013
Websense has made a set of predictions for the cybersecurity landscape in 2014 with attacks becoming more targetted and data destruction on the increase
PHP website compromised
29 October, 2013
Websense comments on the infection of the site which sets out to redirect users to Magnitude Exploit Kit
Advanced defence against targeted attacks
24 October, 2013
Websense Triton provides improved defence against advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks
Websense Incorporates Image Analyser In Web Filtering System
20 September, 2011
Filtering of offensive or inappropriate images is now being provided by Websense through the incorporation of Image Analyser technology
Malware now occupies as much as 10% of search results
05 February, 2010
Research from Websense highlights dangers of malware traffic directed to malicious sites from search engine results
DLP leadership recognition for Websense
19 June, 2008
Gartner has recognised Websense's role in data loss prevention by positioning them in the leaders quadrant
Web Security Gateway includes Web 2.0 protection
11 June, 2008
Real time protection against dynamic threat enables users of Web Security Gateway to deploy web 2.0 technologies in their organisations without suffering from the associated threats.
Data loss prevention recognition for Websense
10 June, 2008
Forrester Research acknowledges Websense leadership in the field of Data Loss Prevention with Data Security Suite product
Adobe Flash vulnerability infects thousands of sites
30 May, 2008
JavaScript injection attach making use of Adobe Flash weakness causes major headaches with unprotected web site owners.
Phishers attack disaster relief charities
21 May, 2008
Charities aiding victims of Chinese earthquake fall prey to phishing fraud attempts
British industry exposed to e-mail based threats
21 May, 2008
Research results reveal high levels of complacency and poor e-mail security practices throughout all sectors of UK industry
Javascript injection attacks compromise high profile sites.
24 April, 2008
Infection of good reputation web-sites highlights the need for the right tools to protect against the growing number of sources of malicious code.
JavaScript attack switches domains
23 April, 2008
Tracking of malicious code by Websense reveals new domain from which JavaScript attacks originate.
Survey respondents want tougher law enforcement against e-crime.
09 April, 2008
Compromised confidential data deserves stricter punishment for company executives according to Websense e-Crime congress survey.
Wider visibility for managing and controlling web use.
27 March, 2008
With employees using web 2.0 applications more often in the workplace, Websense releases application to provide more comprehensive visibility and control of web content and associated threats.
MSNBC Sports Web site compromised with malicious code.
19 March, 2008
Websense discovers the official Web site of MSNBC Sports has been compromised with malicious code.
Websense accelerates growth in the data loss prevention sector.
13 March, 2008
Websense continues to extend its leadership in the data loss prevention (DLP) sector through customer growth and retention, technology innovation, channel partner enablement and increased global support.
NICS selects Websense to provide Web and email security.
11 March, 2008
Websense is to provide Web security and email filtering software for all of the Northern Ireland Civil Service's staff.
Data loss prevention for e-mail systems.
06 March, 2008
Messaging security enters the realms of data loss prevention and compliance with enhanced Websense product range after acquisition of SurfControl.
Web based e-mail protection for Chelmsford Council.
05 March, 2008
IT security for inbound e-mails to Chelsford Council to be supplied as a hosted service in contract with Websense.
Recognition for comprehensive Websense security portfolio.
29 February, 2008
Broad scope of Websense's IT security portfolio gains recognition from Forrester Research.
Habbo keylogger warning for game players.
21 February, 2008
Teenage web 2.0 application Habbo being used to distribute key logger disguised as game performance enhancement software.
Lunar eclipse spam warning
21 February, 2008
A spate of spam tempting users to run a video of the event contains malicious code which has the ability to extract information from victim computers.
Discovery appliance for detecting confidential data network location.
07 February, 2008
Websense develops technology for Data Loss Prevention by enabling companies to discover network locations of sensitive data and manage it.
Live Mail accounts set up by spammers.
07 February, 2008
Websense warns of spam wave originating from Live Mail accounts after hackers manage to create accounts automatically.
Partner program unites SurfControl and Websense
24 January, 2008
Websense's global channel program provides unified benefits of SurfControl and Websense product sets.
Compromised website quantity overtakes purpose built hack sites.
23 January, 2008
Legitimate web sites are increasingly being compromised to host malicious software to the extent that they now outnumber purpose built malicious sites.
Acknowledged world web security leadership.
10 January, 2008
According to IDC, Websense is responding to the challenges of changes in the web security arena and taking more than a fifth of the market in data loss protection.
Intelligent content protection extension.
04 January, 2008
Open endpoint initiative provides collaborative endpoint protection using technologies from Websense and Lumension Security.
Malicious web sites exploit assassination.
02 January, 2008
Websense discovers virus bearing web sites that exploit the news of the assissination of Benazir Bhutto.
Trojan horse claiming to be from Treasury department.
14 December, 2007
Websense warns of Trojan hidden in malicious e-mail claiming to originate from the US Treasury regarding a false complaint.
IT Security threat predictions for 2008 from Websense.
06 December, 2007
Websense predicts that hackers and malicious code writers will get smarter and there will be an increase in cross platform attacks and web 2.0 exploits.
Survey reveals extent of temporary employee risk.
27 November, 2007
Research results suggest UK employers are far too trusting of temporary staff and allow them access to far more confidential data than they need to know thus exposing organisations to unnecessary levels of risk.
Content filtering award for Websense.
31 October, 2007
SurfControl acquisition instrumental in content filtering recognition for Websense from Frost and Sullivan.
Online fraudsters exploit Californian fire for profit.
26 October, 2007
Websense has discovered a new wave of spam e-mail designed to extract money from charitable people seeking to help disaster relief in California.
Threat intelligence tool protects against hybrid threats.
24 October, 2007
SurfControl acquisition results in improved on demand threat intelligence which protects users from combined e-mail and internet borne threats.
Websense swallows SurfControl for Ãâ€Ã£204 million.
03 October, 2007
Acquisition leads to greater scope for development of intelligent content protection.
Recreational web surfing in the workplace inadequately addressed.
23 August, 2007
Websense research suggests that European businesses aren't paying enough attention to web filtering software despite widespread recreational web usage.
Threat protection for Web 2.0 users
07 August, 2007
Newest trends in social engineering malware targetted by web 2.0 early warning system from Websense
Poor European awareness of scale of IT threats.
23 July, 2007
The changing threats to IT systems are not being addressed adequately in European businesses according to a survey by Websense.
Websense defines the latest malware terminology.
19 June, 2007
As computer security jargon changes as fast as the threats themselves, Websense takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the latest terms for today and the future.
YouTube decoy hides Trojan.
08 June, 2007
A technique known as ÃâÅ"tubing" dupes victims into viewing YouTube video whilst Trojan downloads.