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FLIR Systems Ltd
Security & Surveillance
2 Kings Hill Avenue
West Malling
ME19 4AQ
[t] +44 1732 221 244
[f] +44 1732 220 014
VMS for thermal and conventional cameras
30 September, 2016
Visible light security cameras and thermal imaging cameras can be managed together on the latest version of the Latitude video management system from FLIR
Affordable thermal imaging with new FLIR cameras
28 May, 2013
FLIR is improving accessibility to thermal imaging technology with hybrid cameras equipped with power-over-ethernet at an affordable price
Rugged and Portable Thermal Imaging For Law Enforcement Use
15 February, 2011
The BHS-series of thermal imaging cameras from FLIR provides police and patrols with rugged night-time imaging capability with a choice of lenses, digital zoom and jpg image storage feature
Thermal imaging cameras for protecting railways and pipelines
26 August, 2010
FLIR Systems provides an explanation of how thermal imaging systems provide an advantage over the use of visual spectrum camera systems for the protection of remote facilities in hostile environments such as borders, railway lines and oil or gas pipelines
Rugged F-Series Fixed Mount Thermal Imaging Cameras
11 May, 2010
Designed for security surveillance operations in poor weather and dark conditions, the fixed mount F-Series camera from FLIR is built for harsher environments
Multi-Sensor Pan-Tilt Thermal Imaging Camera
11 May, 2010
Thermal imaging sensor features operator control of pan-tilt operations for focussing on incidents
Greater Range on SR Series of Security Thermal Imaging Cameras
10 May, 2010
FLIR has extended the reach of its popular fixed mount SR range of thermal imaging cameras for the security surveillance market
Thermal Imaging Camera for Use In Harsh Environments
10 May, 2010
FLIR's D-Series outdoor thermal imaging dome cameras with multi-sensor technology and TCP/IP networking
Long range thermal imaging performance from narrow field SR-304
07 January, 2010
The clear thermal images associated with FLIR's SR series of cameras has been extended into a longer range version with human detection capabilities of over 2km due to narrow field of view on the SR-304 model
Will the sun fry your thermal imaging camera?
09 December, 2009
FLIR Systems explains what happens when a thermal sensor is pointed directly at the sun and answers the question are thermal cameras damaged by solar radiation?
Light weight hand held thermal imaging for police and security use
17 November, 2009
Foot patrols can now benefit from shock-resistant hand held thermal imaging cameras from FLIR to assist them with detailed night vision
Smart thermal imaging protects solar power plant boundary
10 November, 2009
Spanish alternative energy production site protects 9 kilometres of perimeter using FLIR's ÃâÅ"Thermal Fence" consisting of thermal imaging cameras with video analytics
Italian port kept safe in all weathers with FLIR infra-red camera systems
24 September, 2009
FLIR Systems high end infrared imaging sensors provide day and night protection for busy Italian port with the ability to cut through fog and detect a diver at 1500 metres
FLIR sensors manager for security camera control
04 September, 2009
Sensors Manager is an off-the-shelf software packages enabling security managers to control their IR surveillance camera installations
Training course program for FLIR thermal imaging systems
16 July, 2009
FLIR is extending its knowledge to the user and installer base in a series of training courses it's organising throughout the world from October to January
The use of thermal imaging systems for perimeter protection
09 July, 2009
FLIR CVS takes a look at the use of thermal imaging based surveillance systems in comparison to other perimeter protection technologies
Affordable indoor thermal imaging cameras
12 January, 2009
D-Series thermal dome cameras from FLIR CVS provide affordable imaging for dark environments with wide field of view and full pan and tilt capabilities
Tight security at London Eye includes thermal imaging
17 June, 2008
London's top attraction continues to improve security measures with thermal imaging supplied by FLIR CVS combined with video analytical systems
Long range thermal camera performance
28 May, 2008
FLIR's HRC cameras feature Digital Detail Enhancement for improved long range performance in thermal imaging
FLIR CVS runs night vision technology seminar.
29 February, 2008
Event by FLIR CVS dedicated to night vision intends to introduce users to the civilian applications available for using thermal imaging.
After dark seminar highlights benefits of thermal imaging.
04 February, 2008
FLIR CVS stage enlightening surveillance seminar in Imperial War Museum after dark so delegates can see the true benefits of thermal imaging with their own eyes. The event will be held on the 12th February.
Surveillance applications for thermal imaging.
12 July, 2007
FLIR CVS drives sales of thermal imaging systems into the security and surveillance markets
FLIR offers free thermal imaging seminars.
10 July, 2007
FLIR seminars to demonstrate round the clock surveillance capabilities independent of weather or lighting.
Long range thermal surveillance
11 June, 2007
Rugged and flexible PTZ thermal imaging cameras now available with long range zoom capabilities for improved surveillance.
Low cost PTZ thermal imaging camera for 24-hour surveillance.
11 May, 2007
Thermal imaging camera mounted on pan-tilt platform improves surveillance effectiveness in low light conditions.