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Cyber attack impact on brand loyalty
16 May, 2016
FireEye survey reveals the impact of high profile cyber attacks on the loyalty of consumers towards the products of the victims
SMS message stealing Android malware discovered
17 December, 2013
MisoSMS malware active in China and Korea has been discovered which steals SMS text messages from Android devices
Shared development and logistics fuelling cyber arms race
13 November, 2013
A supply chain analysis report from FireEye reveals the common development and logistics structure used in delivering malware
Report details national cyber-attack characteristics
01 October, 2013
FireEye delves into the national psyche of the most advanced cyber attacks to build a profile of attack methods expected from different regions of the world
Free tool detects Poison Ivy infections
22 August, 2013
FireEye releases report demonstrating resurgence of Poison Ivy eight years on from its creation and releases free tool for assessing possible infections
FireEye enters anti-phishing alliance
29 July, 2013
Partnership between PhishMe and FireEye provides multi-layered security for critical networks
Seven zero-day attacks discovered in 1H13
18 July, 2013
FireEye provides details of the zero-day vulnerabilities that the company uncovered during the first half of the year
IT security disconnect placing businesses at risk
19 June, 2013
FireEye comments on the revelation that decision makers have a different view of vulnerability than technical IT experts
US summit disappointing on cyber espionage
11 June, 2013
FireEye comments on the recent US and Chinese summit which failed to tackle the issue of China's involvement in cyber attacks on US facilities
High profile attacks result in calls for greater cooperation
06 June, 2013
After falling victim to recent cyber attacks, NATO and BSkyB are both pledging greater collaboration on countering such threats
Cyber spies target British university research
12 April, 2013
A warning from MI5 identifies the vulnerability of the work of UK university researchers to attacks from foreign cyber spies
Anti-Virus not enough to prevent NYT attack
04 February, 2013
FireEye comments on the New York Times attack and why anti-virus software is insufficient against Advanced Persistent Threats
Prison terms step up legal battle against cyber crime
28 January, 2013
FireEye comments on the recent internment in the UK of two cyber criminals for taking part in high impact denial of service attacks
Pop-up fines target computer users in surge in ransomware
14 December, 2012
Following UK arrests for ransomware, FireEye comments on the proliferation of attacks designed to scare computer users into paying fake fines from police and FBI
Vulnerabilities of online critical infrastructure
03 December, 2012
FireEye comments on the recent debate surrounding the movement of critical structure to online environments
Cyber incident response group formed in UK
09 November, 2012
FireEye comments on the recent formation of a cyber incident response unit in the UK for providing assistance to companies which fall victim to cyber attacks
Common Spear Phishing Words Revealed
28 September, 2012
FireEye explains the use of social engineering techniques used by spear phishers to entice victims to open malware loaded attachments
PC Supply Chains Embed Malware in New PC Equipment
17 September, 2012
FireEye comments on the supply of new PC equipment ready loaded with malware that runs a botnet and which was pre-installed within the supply chain
Cyber Research Institute Brings Government and Industry Closer In Fighting Cyber Crime
14 September, 2012
FireEye comments on the creation of a UK academic research institute by GCHQ and the implications on the development of measures to combat the growing national threats of cyber crime
E-mail Based Threat Explosion Identified In Advanced Threat Report
30 August, 2012
FireEye's advanced threat report for the first half of 2012 highlights an increase in the danger of e-mail based attacks targetted at businesses
Dorifel trojan spreading out from the Netherlands
20 August, 2012
Originally targeting public companies in Holland, Dorifel is now spreading beyond its intended victims into other parts of Europe
Gauss Malware comes in wake of earlier cyber weapons
13 August, 2012
Latest addition to cyber espionage tools can strike banking and social networking platforms as well as the potential for critical infrastructure systems
Increased Malware Attacks In Europe Herald New Cyber-Threat Era
27 June, 2012
FireEye comments on recent MI5 statement and the loss of millions of Euros from European bank accounts in what the company believes to be the start of a new era of cyber threats
Added Protection From Signature-Less Malware Identification
16 February, 2011
FireEye Networks aims to eliminate spear phishing attacks with new e-mail malware protection system that uses real-time embedded URL and attachment analysis
Q1 Labs Partner Program Accepts FireEye
20 January, 2011
FireEye commits to the development of applications on open protocols by joining the recently announced Q1 Labs security intelligence partner program
Malware Protection System Compatible With ArcSight Threat and Risk Management Platform
30 July, 2010
ArcSight has welcomed FireEye into the Common Event Format program enabling integration of the company's malware protection system into the ArcSight ETRM platform
Partnership For Integrated Cyber Attack Analytics
22 July, 2010
FireEye and Solera Networks have teamed up to produce a combined network forensics and security analytics package to bring fast mitigation against zero-day cyber attacks
Signature-less Malware Detection Features in Inline Threat Prevention
07 May, 2010
Series of inline network security appliances from FireEye feature signature-less malware protection for improved zero-hour threat detection
RSA Presentation by FireEye Focuses on Modern Malware Dangers
26 February, 2010
Chief Scientist at FireEye to make presentation on evasion techniques and malware obfuscation which is creating higher threat levels from modern malicious software
Malware analysis platform protects against zero-day IE vulnerability
20 January, 2010
FireEye Analysis and Control Technology is providing customers of the IT security protection company with pre-emptive protection against the unpatched flaw discovered in Internet Explorer
Appointment at FireEye to address federal sector requirements
17 December, 2009
Targetted Cyber criminal activity towards Federal Systems to be addressed by new Vice President of Federal Sector hired by FireEye
Web malware discussed at Cyber Crime Conference
28 January, 2009
FireEye CEO to present at Cyber Crime Conference on the rising tide of Defence malware attacks and how to prevent them
FireEye speaks at Government cyber-crime events
03 June, 2008
The threat of botnets is under discussion at the GFIRST and FISC conferences in America which FireEye will attend to lend their expertise on illegally remotely controlling computers
FBI botnet threat may be underestimated
30 November, 2007
FireEye emphasises the need for protection against the threat of botnets after the FBI secures further convictions
Anti-botnet seminar programme underway
15 October, 2007
FireEye raises awareness of protection from Botnets in roadshow conducted by cyber-crime expert