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Finjan Software
Westmead House,
GU14 7LP
[t] +44 1252 511 118
[f] +44 1252 510 888
Finjan's mission is to provide a robust shield against internet based threats which includes behaviour-based solutions to combat unknown threats even before their signature has been recognised.

Finjan also tackles the commercial crimeware that is responsible for huge losses and financial damages in enterprises across the world. Finjan products achieve this using real-time code examination software which prevents malicious code from entering the client's network.

Finjan has entered into strategic alliances with the top network providers and anti-virus software suppliers to ensure their products integrate seamlessly with existing platforms.

Their product portfolio includes RUsafe web traffic auditing and reporting tool and the Vital Security software development kit for software vendors and integrators.

Read more Finjan news below:
Cyber Criminals targeting controlled access sites
27 October, 2009
Identity credentials are the emerging target for criminals seeking to obtain and market identity information harvested from web sites that require user data to be entered
Eastern originated cyber-espionage wave expected
26 October, 2009
Finjan is warning companies to reinforce IT security levels to offset the impending wave of cyber-espionage attacks expected to come from the East
Cloud based enterprise security available from Finjan
21 October, 2009
Finjan breaks out of the server room and becomes ÃâÅ"borderless" with the introduction of Vital Cloud enterprise web security
UK firms warned to bolster their defences against cybercrime
13 October, 2009
In the wake of soaring levels of Cyber-crime in Germany, Finjan is warning companies in the UK to expect a similar trend to follow there
Online banking accounts of SME sector under threat
27 August, 2009
Finjan warns of the increase in cybercrime targeting small and medium sized businesses who operate online bank accounts
Public disclosure initiative welcomed by Finjan
25 August, 2009
Web security specialist welcomes the initiative on public disclosure for cyber crime incidents in order to trace the criminals
Finjan wins patent battle
21 August, 2009
Injunction issued against competitor for infringing technology rights owned by Finjan
New security feature closes Twitter loophole
11 August, 2009
Finjan reports on the URL checking process now being implemented at Twitter to close out a vulnerability on the social networking site
Vital Security users protected from new 0-day vulnerability
27 July, 2009
Exploit of Acrobat reader and flash player has been caught in the wild by Finjan and closed out on their Vital Security product
ActiveX Control vulnerability blocked by Finjan
08 July, 2009
Microsoft is currently working on closing a vulnerability on it's Video ActiveX Control
Background checking site created for detecting malware adverts
25 June, 2009
The Anti-Malvertising site launched by Google provides advertising network users with the ability to detect adverts loaded with malware
Free SecureTwitter plug-in prevents damage from malicious tweets
24 June, 2009
Finjan has met the news of malicious twitter message proliferation with the offer of a free plug-in to reduce vulnerability to twitter users
Trading ground discovered for compromised computers
18 June, 2009
Hacked PCs are being traded over botnet network as discovered by the Malicious Code Research Centre
Increased security threats on social networking sites
04 June, 2009
Scareware distribution attack on Twitter demonstrates trend towards increased focus on social networks as a target
World network of infected computers discovered
23 April, 2009
Finjan lists details of its discovery of a global network of infected computers controlled by cyber criminals
Finjan comments on the need to secure branch offices
01 April, 2009
Infiltrations to on-line networks through branch offices illustrate the need not to overlook remote locations when securing the corporate network
Cybercrime revenues excede those of drug crimes
31 March, 2009
Finjan has backed up claims by Edward Amoroso that financial benefits for cyber criminals are now in excess even of drug related crimes
Rogue anti-virus software yielding high profits for cyber-criminals
24 March, 2009
Research report from Finjan reveals the methods used by criminals to distribute fake anti-virus software
German government believes internet security to be catastrophically poor
05 March, 2009
Sharp rise in levels of internet crime bear out German claims of poor levels of internet security despite improved levels of general awareness
Japanese growth in cyber crime a poor omen for global trends
02 March, 2009
Cybercrime predicts high levels of cybercrime after report of increases in innovative hacking techniques in Japan
The hidden costs of fraud revealed in recent report
18 February, 2009
Finjan backs up CyberSource report on the cost of fraud to UK businesses and how to minimise these losses
Unified web gateway provides multi-layered security
10 February, 2009
Single unified appliance released by Finjan for web security, compliance and bandwidth control
Finjan appoints new CFO
22 January, 2009
Financial leader brings strategic growth experience to Finjan
Rise in IT security spending predicted
13 January, 2009
Survey results from Finjan indicate increases in 2009 budgets for IT security with other areas of IT budgets to be cut
Easy card cloning demonstrated e-crime trends
08 January, 2009
Finjan warns of increased ease for conducting e-crime with revelation of card cloning video and inexpensive manufacturing equipment
Finjan appoints advisory board
17 December, 2008
Web Security advisory board created at Finjan covering expertise in the global fight against cyber crime
Australian web blocking moves receive industry welcome
15 December, 2008
Plans in Australia to block access to web sites with illegal content seen as a positive step by web security experts Finjan
2009 trends in Cybercrime predicted by Finjan
10 December, 2008
Finjan's Malicious Code Research Centre predicts the use of rich content files for crimeware distribution during 2009
Finjan advice on hidden malicious web code
01 December, 2008
Dynamic code analysis protection software enables users to safely surf and avoid falling victim to obfuscated malware on web sites
Cash injection feeds FinjanÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs growth
20 November, 2008
Finjan has secured investment capital to facilitate growth into the Secure Web Gateway market
companiestest with over 1000 network seats offered free crimeware audit
11 November, 2008
Finjan is offering companies with large networks a free RUSafe malware audit in wake of re-emergence of the Sinowal Trojan
Background report on corporate data theft
30 October, 2008
Latest report from Finjan describes how passive security measures fail to prevent Trojan installation on corporate systems used for the theft of data
Trade press recognition for Finjan Vital Security
23 October, 2008
Three trade journals provide top reviews and accolades for Vital Security suite of web security appliances from Finjan
Internet ID theft kit availability confirmed
10 October, 2008
Finjan provides confirmation of press reports in Australia regarding the widespread availability of information on stolen credit cards on the internet
Hostile download protection patent for Finjan
06 October, 2008
European patent granted on Finjan software for the protection of computers from downloading material containing malicious code
Confirmation of increased availability of as-required hacking service
19 September, 2008
Crimeware-as-a-service fears confirmed with increasing presence of hacking services being sold on as required basis
IT crime represents major business risk according to survey results
11 September, 2008
Conclusions from Finjan's web security survey indicates that crimeware designed to steal information represents the greatest concern for businesses
Finjan trend report confirmed by payment card thefts
07 August, 2008
Theft of payment card details from US retailer indicates scale of organised fraud that exists as in IT security threat
SecureBrowsing detects increased levels of compromised web sites
17 July, 2008
Increase in activity of web site hackers results in significant intrusion of internet sites in government and healthcare organisations
IT criminal commercial model shifts to higher levels of organisation
15 July, 2008
Web trends report from Finjan for the second quarter of 2008 focuses on the activities of cyber criminal organisations and their hierarchical organisational structures
Stolen data finds its way onto crimeware server
18 June, 2008
Finjan discovers treasure trove of illegal data obtained from medical, airline and corporate databases being auctioned online
Crimeserver hosts compromised data from top global businesses
06 May, 2008
Finjan research uncovers unprotected log files containing sensitive data from some of the top businesses in the world.
E-banking losses through unsecured computer could be liability of user.
16 April, 2008
Banking code report brings to light the intention of banks to make users liable for losses incurred through e-banking if the computer doesn't have adequate protection.
Content inspection technology for better online protection.
09 April, 2008
Feature enhancements included in V9.0 release of Vital Security from Finjan for providing real time protection against web-borne threats.
Crimeware commercialisation through online service model.
08 April, 2008
Report from Finjan indicates rise in crimeware supermarkets catering for off the shelf kits supporting criminal activity.
Market for fraudulent credit card data discovered.
26 March, 2008
Black market trade in stolen credit card information seeps out from the underground with open market discovered on web portal.
Patent lawsuit won by Finjan
13 March, 2008
Patent infringement from its competitors have been recognised as valid by Delaware court which awarded Finjan additional royalties.
FTP server access parameters discovered in hacking database.
28 February, 2008
The means to access thousands of FTP databases has been discovered by Finjan, putting user data at risk.
Browser targeted malware indicates increased sophistication in hacker techniques.
13 February, 2008
Exploiting browser vulnerabilities and targeting web sites with automatic malware infections are the latest drives used by hackers and requires behavioural analysis software to counter the attack according to Finjan.
Live code analysis could have prevented Forth Bridge hack.
07 February, 2008
Finjan recommends installing software for performing real-time analysis of code structures on web pages to avoid obfuscated java scripts from being activated to deliver malicious code to visitors.
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