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Exacq Technologies
7202 E 87th St
Ste 115

Exacq Technology (derived from Exact Acquisition) specialises in open architecture network video recording which is fully scalable and offers the best of breed advantages of open systems technology. Exacqvision provides full control for remote monitoring of camera systems including event triggered image routing and links with ATM systems and retail points of sale. The open architecture of the system enables the integrated use of servers cameras and storage systems from a range of manufacturers.

Read more Exacq Technologies news below:

Suspect tracking added to video management system
23 September, 2016
The latest version of exacqVision video management system from Tyco includes a suspect tracking function for following objects of interest
Improved bandwidth management on new VMS version
20 June, 2016
The latest release of exacqVision VMS from Tyco Security Products provides camera connection diagnostics, enhanced archive search and bandwidth management
Video recorder with built in VMS
24 March, 2016
Easy video surveilance installation with the Una video recorder from Tyco Security Products with built-in video management system
Video management with integrated access control
23 December, 2015
With exacqVision 7.4 Exacq Technologies brings intruder security and access control into the realms of video management
Video management integration with EAS
19 May, 2015
Exacq integrates Electronic Article Surveillance with its video management system to improve retail security
Video management integration with ANPR
02 April, 2015
Viper licence plate recognition software integrated with the exacqVision video management system from Exacq Technologies
Automatic connection of cameras to IP networks
19 March, 2015
Latest version of exacqVision provides fast IP network camera discovery as well as automatic backup and health monitoring
Integrated VMS provides retail security enhancement
23 January, 2015
exacqVision security system integrated with Software-as-a-Service retail execution system from VoloForce
Failover management ability on VMS servier
18 December, 2014
Update to exacqVision video management system includes server failover management and event monitoring enhancements
High performance hybrid and IP video recorders
05 November, 2014
The Z-Series network video recorders from Exacq Technologies have been updated for higher performance and reliability
Auto IP camera discovery feature for exacqVision VMS
17 September, 2014
Exacq Technologies brings video surveillance a step closer to plug-and-play with the EasyConnect automatic IP camera connector feature
Video management and PSIM integration
01 August, 2014
The Surveillint PSIM system from Proximex has been integrated with the exacqVision video management system from Exacq Technologies
Video bookmarking feature on VMS software
23 June, 2014
The latest version of the exacqvision Video management system features case management capabilities along with the ability to bookmark important video footage
Seamless video bookmarking capability in VMS
19 June, 2014
The exacqVision video management system from Tyco now has seamless bookmarking capabilities for improved case management
VMS feature provides faster evidence searches
02 April, 2014
The latest release of exacqVision VMS includes SpeedSearch feature to provide speedier access to video evidence from surveillance material
Fault-tolerant video surveillance servers
10 February, 2014
The S-Series Enterprise server provides video surveillance users with ability to add extended and archived storage
Browser based health monitoring for surveillance software
28 January, 2014
Enterprise System Manager from Exacq brings browser based health monitoring for exacqVision servers and network cameras
VMS integration with access control software
23 December, 2013
The exacqVision video management software has now been integrated with the C*Cure 9000 security and event management system for access control
Two way audio function expanded on video management system
19 December, 2013
A new version of exacqVision video management software has been released with expanded two-way audio and support for Enterprise System Manager
Retail security system integrated with video management
02 August, 2013
Video Management System from Exacq Technologies now integrated with Prism Skylabs to provide more holistic security in retail environments
Exacqvision VMS integration with retail loss prevention system
10 July, 2013
Agilence Retail 20/20 loss prevention system has been integrated with the exacqvision VMS from Exacq Technologies
Incident analysis integration with exacqvision
04 July, 2013
Video management software from Exacq Technologies integrates with ELERTS incident analysis for smartphone application
Automated archiving features on VMS release
18 June, 2013
The latest version of exaqVision video management software increases ONVIF drivers and provides automated archiving capabilities
LPR system integrated with video management software
10 April, 2013
CitySync's license plate recognition system can now be operated within the exacqvision video management system from Exacq Technologies
Exacq VMS supports ONVIF Profile S
19 March, 2013
The video management system ExacqVision has been released at v5.4 with new camera drivers and support as well as supporting the ONVIF Profile S standard for IP video surveillance systems
Anixter to distribute Exacq VMS
28 February, 2013
Distribution agreement sees Anixter take a global role in the distribution of Exacq Technologies' video management system
Hybrid Network Video Recorder For 8 or 16 Inputs
29 July, 2010
The exacqVision EL-S hybrid video server appliances enable 8 or 16 analogue inputs plus 24 IP channels for low cost hybrid surveillance recording with build in Video Management System
PSA Accolade for Exacq Technologies
09 July, 2010
Exacq takes the PSA Superstar Vendor Achievement Award at the PSA-TEC conference
Cross-Platform Surveillance Commitment From Exacq Technologies
30 June, 2010
exacqVision VMS producer supports open standards development by joining the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA)
ONVIF Implementation Features In VMS Offering From Exacq at the PSA-TEC Show
27 May, 2010
ExacqVision Video Management Software will be demonstrated at the PSA-TEC show in Illinois where Exacq Technologies will be demonstrating new features in the software including ONVIF compliance, embedded video analytics and support for a wider range of cameras from a variety of manufacturers
Browser Based VMS Available with exacqVision Webserver
18 February, 2010
With all the functionality of the client based video management system from exacq, the Web Based version gives browser based access on all major browsers as well as java script enabled mobile browsers
Geographic Mapping Feature Added to Open VMS Platform From Exacq
18 February, 2010
The exacqVision cross-platform Video Management Software gains ability to add geographic mapping information and associate it with cameras
Cross platform network video management software
16 July, 2008
With exacqVision 3.0, network surveillance users can manage megapixel CCTV cameras alongside existing analogue units
Exacq IP Surveillance management for the Canadian market.
10 October, 2007
Exacq Technologies hires Canadian representative to drive growth in the market for exacqvision IP network video recorder surveillance systems.
NVR sales channel opened for US IP surveillance.
08 March, 2007
Partnership with PSA Security Network enables Exacq Technologies to penetrate the US IP video surveillance market for network video recorders.