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Daily RFID
Rm 1106-1108
Tenglong Building
139 Jichang Road
[t] +86 20 86 346 357
[f] +86 20 86 376 680
Document Tracking Tags Available From Daily
03 December, 2010
A High Frequency RFID tag has been developed for use in document workflow for the tracking of important or sensitive documents
RFID Based Patient Management Kit
24 November, 2010
Daily RFID releases an RFID patient management kit for the health service industry including wristbands and both handheld and desktop readers
Long Read Range Passive RFID Tag
23 November, 2010
UHF tag from Daily RFID provides long read range for industrial tracking applications in harsh environments
RFID Proximity Card Reader For Access Control
22 November, 2010
Daily RFID is enabling lower cost access control using close range proximity RFID tags for use in access control cards
RFID Windscreen Tag For Vehicle Identification
18 November, 2010
Long range tag with adhesive strip for applying to the windscreen surface has a number of vehicle identification, tracking and control applications
Silicone-sealed RFID Wrist Bands
15 November, 2010
Human identification and tracking solution released by Daily RFID with a range of wrist-bands with embedded RFID technology
Passive UHF Animal Tracking Tag
09 November, 2010
Designed to withstand harsh environments, the latest mini UHF passive tag from Daily RFID is ideal for use with animals
On-Metal RFID Tags Available In Range Of Shapes
08 November, 2010
Daily RFID is now providing greater flexibility for applying RFID tags to metal components through the release of a wider range of shapes and sizes
Annular RFID Tag Provides Ease Of Tracking for Gas Cylinders
18 October, 2010
A new metal-mount RFID tag from Daily RFID has been released for mounting on gas cylinders for ease of identification and tracking
Tracking Based Access Control With RFID
13 October, 2010
Daily RFID releases kit for enabling access control systems to use RFID tracking technology
Long Range Gen 2 Mini UHF Tag
12 October, 2010
Industrial UHF RFID tag features long range read capability with low cost and small size
Read Write Module For Low and High Frequency RFID
11 October, 2010
Small RFID Module enables easy connection to PC via USB or RS232 for receiving RFID signals from low and high frequency devices
RFID Based Document Management System
01 October, 2010
The File Tracking System from Daily RFID provides automated and simple inventory control and tracking of documents
15 Metre Range RFID Reader
22 September, 2010
Daily RFID has announced a UHF RFID reader with a read range of 15 metres for use in industrial and warehousing applications
RFID Development Kit For Improved Patient Tracking
31 August, 2010
Health care service providers have access to a patient tracking kit based on RFID technology which includes wristbands, a desktop reader and portable readers
Clothing Tag For Apparel Inventory Accuracy
30 August, 2010
RFID Clothing tags from Daily RFID enable fast and accurate inventory tracking across many variants including colour, size and style
RFID Disk Stickers Can Withstand Harsh Environments
30 August, 2010
Disk tags from Daily RFID are dust proof and water resistant providing identification possibilities despite difficult environmental conditions
Desktop Reader With Fast Read Rate
27 August, 2010
Ideal for warehouse management applications, the HF RFID Desktop Reader from Daily RFID has a long range and a fast read rate
Plug and Play Reader Enables Transmission From Mobile Devices
23 August, 2010
Small RFID reader has SD card which can be plugged into Smartphone mobile equipment for the transmission of data gathered
Robust Water Proof RFID Disk Tags
19 August, 2010
Daily RFID is offering a range of disk tags in different sizes able to withstand harsh and wet environments for industrial tracking applications
Access Control RFID Reader
19 August, 2010
Daily has released a plug and play RFID reader for use in buildings as an access control credential reading device
Variety of Low Cost Passive Tags Available From Daily
18 August, 2010
Disk, Key and Wristband tags amongst the wide range of passive, long-life RFID tags available from Daily RFID
Multiple Read UHF RFID Tag Reader
17 August, 2010
UHF Gen2 compliant tag reader provided with multiple port interfaces and reads multi-tags at high speed in harsh environments
Short Range RFID Reader Module
16 August, 2010
The 125kHz RFID reader module from Daily RFID provides close proximity reading and ease of data transfer
Rigid RFID Tag For Sticking on Metal Surfaces
16 August, 2010
High performance UHF RFID Tag from Daily RFID is designed to be adhered directly onto metal surfaces for use in manufacturing and warehousing environments
RFID Tags For Industrial Laundries
13 August, 2010
Lost linen should no longer be a problem for commercial laundries with the introduction of special RFID laundry tags from Daily RFID designed to withstand harsh, hot and wet environments
Medium Range Passive RFID Readers
11 August, 2010
Daily has produced a range of Passive RFID readers for external and internal applications
Lightweight USB Pluggable Portable RFID Reader Available
09 August, 2010
Daily's DL710 RFID reader is available in low and high frequency versions and can be connected using RS232 or USB ports on host computers
Waterproof Disposable Wristband With Sealed Embedded RFID Chip
06 August, 2010
The Gen 2 RFID wristband from Daily RFID is a disposable product designed for one-off use in such applications as aqua-parks and other leisure facilities as well as hospitals and one-time visitor identification and tracking
PDA RFID Reader with Wireless Transmission
05 August, 2010
The DL730 PDA based RFID reader from Daily RFID is a convenient reader for collecting and transferring RFID data with a range of transmission options including Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth
Mini Module For Embedded RFID Applications
03 August, 2010
Daily RFID has produced a small scale RFID module for use as a second order product in embedded applications requiring low or high frequency RFID functionality
Stick On RFID Tags For Metal Surfaces
02 August, 2010
Daily RFID has introduced a range of foil RFID tags that can be mounted onto metal surfaces and have high resistance to abrasion and chemical attack
Laminated Disc RFID Tag For Embedding In Industrial Applications
30 July, 2010
Designed for harsh environments and industrial usage, the self-adhesive disc tag from Daily RFID is laminated with waterproof and dustproof PVC material
Rugged Long Range RFID Reader
26 July, 2010
A low frequency RIFD reader from Daily RFID has been released for indoor or outdoor access control applications in harsh environments
Dual Frequency Livestock Management Ear Tag
23 July, 2010
Daily RFID has released a hygienic RFID ear tag for use in animal tracking and management applications
Customisable Key Fob Has Unique ID
22 July, 2010
An RFID key fob from Daily RFID provides easy contactless access control with the ability to identify individual users through each fob having its own identification recognizable by the access control system
Silicone RFID Wristbands Available from Daily RFID
21 July, 2010
A variety of RFID chips can be fitted to the new wristbands from Daily RFID for use in hospitals, leisure centres and swimming pools
Identification and Tracking Tag for Library Resources
19 July, 2010
Daily RFID has released a high frequency RFID label for use in libraries for the identification and tracking of inventory
High Frequency RFID Tag available for Jewellery Tracking
19 July, 2010
Small jewellery tag developed by Daily RFID for inventory management and tracking of small items of high value jewellery
High Identification Rate Features on DL6802 RFID Reader
16 July, 2010
The latest Gen 2 RFID reader from Daily RFID has a read range of up to 15 metres for use either indoors or outside
Passive RFID Tag Available at Online Shop
09 July, 2010
Daily RFID's new online e-commerce facility now stocks the passive RFID tag, enabling simpler purchasing of the device
Online Shop for RFID Consumables and Equipment
02 July, 2010
Daily RFID has launched its online shop providing significant price benefits for customers ordering from a range of RFID equipment, tags and labels
Daily RFID Offers Online Shopping For Its Products
29 June, 2010
Chinese RFID device manufacturer goes online with web-based mall for RFID products from the company
Gen2 RFID Tag For Industrial Applications
14 June, 2010
The UHF Gen2 tag from Daily RFID can be applied directly to a wide variety of metal substrates for material tracking applications in manufacturing and logistics
Passive RFID Tag For Manufacturing Tracking
09 June, 2010
Designed with a long read range, the passive RFID tag from Daily RFID is robust enough to handle harsh manufacturing environments to deal with tracking of work in progress
Gate Antenna Enables RFID Badge Reading At Building Entrances
03 June, 2010
The DL8220 Gate Antenna from Daily RFID has been designed to integrate with access control systems to provide an information capture and tracking system based on RFID tagged identity cards
PVC Disk Tags Designed To Withstand Harsh Environments
02 June, 2010
Laminated PVC disk RFID tags available in a range of sizes and for use with low or high frequency readers for use where damage resistance is required
RFID Jewellery Tags Enable Automatic Detection and Tracking
27 May, 2010
Daily RFID has produced a high frequency jewellery tag with 90cm read range which picks up data from tagged jewellery in trays and detects items moved, stored, displayed and removed
Multiple Tag Capable RFID Read / Writer
21 May, 2010
Card read writer supports USB and RS232 interfaces as well as different tag protocols for more flexible tag handling
Personal Identification RFID Key Fobs
18 May, 2010
Low cost fobs designed by Daily RFID for use in personal identification applications or for access control
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