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Credant Technologies
15303 Dallas Parkway
Suite 1420
TX 75001
[t] +1 972 273 3268
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Alarming Increase In USB Sticks Being Left At UK Dry Cleaners
02 March, 2011
A study in the UK has shown that as many as 17,000 removable USB memory devices are left in clothes pockets each year in the UK and being sent to the cleaners
Cloud Security Platform Removes Obstacle to Cloud Adoption
18 February, 2011
Cloud Encryption Software available from Credant Technologies in beta version for providing protection for users adopting a cloud computing infrastructure
Insider Threat Risk Reduction
17 February, 2011
Sean Glynn of Credant Technologies offers some insight into the theft of commercial information from people inside the organisation and investigates methods that can be used to reduce the threat of insider data theft
Endpoint Protection Should Cover Integrated Systems
04 February, 2011
Credant Technologies comments on the loss of a laptop computer from a UK hospital which wasn't used for portable computing but rather formed part of an integrated process
Lost Mobile Devices Remain Unclaimed At BritainÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Airports
21 December, 2010
With increased levels of travel approaching over the Christmas break, Credant Technologies is issuing a warning concerning the annual epidemic of leaving laptops and mobile phones behind at airports and railway stations
USB Device Usage Becoming More Difficult To Control
02 December, 2010
Unencrypted USB memory device usage in business environment endemic with poor control in evidence for maintaining data security
Cloud Password Crack Provides Glimpse Into Future of Cybercrime
19 November, 2010
Credant Technologies explains the implications of the recent successful crack of a secure hashing algorithm password using cloud services
Mislaid USB Stick Containing Nuclear Facility Details Found in Hotel Room
19 October, 2010
Unencrypted data on lost USB device causes embarrassment to nuclear authorities based on data contained regarding transfer of operations and readiness of nuclear authorities
Security Budget Spending In Constrained Times
29 September, 2010
Bob Heard of Credant Technologies analyses how IT security can maintained whilst working within constrained budgets and without compromising data integrity
Survey Demonstrations Vast Increase Holiday Access To Corporate Data
05 August, 2010
Workaholics and stressed employees are taking their mobile computing technology with them on holiday this year to continue accessing corporate data despite the break according to a Credant Survey that highlights the potential impact of this attitude on corporate data security
Avoiding Corporate Data Loss
07 July, 2010
Tim Pollard of Credant Technologies examines the ease with which employees can take possession of corporate data and identifies the 20 most common ways that data walks out of the door
Survey Finds Mobile Data Security Remains Lacking In Many Organisations
23 June, 2010
Credant Technologies have found that over half of IT security professionals are still not locking down their mobile storage systems such as USB flash memory devices, thereby continuing to expose corporate data to breaches
Medical Record Loss On Mislaid USB Memory Device
07 May, 2010
Scottish Healthcare Trust comes under fire as USB memory stick containing medical records is found in a supermarket
Full Disk Encryption With Central Management For Seagate Momentus Drives
21 April, 2010
Credant takes data protection to new levels of flexibility and portability with FDE DriveManager with fully automatic self-encrypting disk drive with central management capability
Data Loss Discoveries Rise as The ICO Begins to Bite
06 April, 2010
With no fewer than five UK public service organisations recently coming under the spotlight for data loss incidents, Credant Technologies lays the blame at poor implementation of security policies
Credant TechnologiesÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Â GOAT - or Glossary of Acronyms And Terminology
16 March, 2010
Sean Glynn of Credant Technologies sets out to cut through the IT Security Industry's jargon and explain what some of those acronyms really mean in the geek dictionary
Wi-Fi Detection Technology Puts Stowed Laptops At Risk
03 March, 2010
Credant Technologies has issued a warning to users of laptop computers to ensure wireless access switches are switched off before storage after a spate of thefts have been reported of laptops that had been detected using cheap and readily available Wi-Fi detection technology
Bundled Encryption For Dell Commercial Systems
26 February, 2010
Dell's Precision, Latitude and OptiPlex systems will now benefit from Credant Technologies' encryption factory installed
Endpoint Encryption for Military Grocery Supplier
17 February, 2010
The Defence Commissary Agency will secure sensitive data relating to defence supplies using endpoint encryption technology from Credant
4500 Flash Drives Left in Clothes Taken to Dry Cleaners
21 January, 2010
Potential revenues from fines deriving from the new ICO powers escalate as UK stats reveal the extent of carelessness with USB flash drives
MOD laptop stolen along with encryption key
15 December, 2009
Public sector data security in the UK takes another blow to the jaw as encrypted laptop belonging to the MoD is stolen along with the key that enables the encryption to be unlocked
Government data loss demonstrates poor improvement since HMRC scandal
02 December, 2009
The British Navy has lost a large capacity USB memory device containing confidential information in the latest of a string of data leakage incidents that are marring the reputation of the public sector in the country
Back up and encrypt your mobile before leaving it in the taxi
01 December, 2009
With as many as 10,000 mobile phones likely to be left in London Taxi cabs this month, Credant Technologies has a few tips to help prevent total loss of valuable data
Soap script laptop theft could cost the BBC dearly
24 November, 2009
A laptop containing the script of the Christmas EastEnders programme has been stolen in a burglary with potential losses to the programme makers if the content is leaked
Strong growth for Credant during previous quarter
29 October, 2009
Endpoint data protection company achieves global growth and records most successful quarterly results in their history
Endpoint protection company gains double recognition
22 October, 2009
Data protection specialist enters Deloitte's Fast 500 and gains media recognition from US based Government Security News
Portable devices and the data protection act
02 September, 2009
Sean Glynn of Credant Technologies provides some insight into how the Data Protection Act affects portable computing devices and those who are held accountable for the data held on them
Security risk increase with wider mobile usage
12 August, 2009
Credant Technologies warns of the increased dangers as more laptop users are taking to the road with wider availability of Wi-Fi hot spots and mobile pay as you go broadband
Mobile Guardian Enterprise for Mac users
07 August, 2009
Data protection and full disk encryption extended to Mac OS X users in the latest version of Credant's Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition
ICO action demonstrates need for encryption
10 July, 2009
A UK insurance company has had action taken against it by the Information Commissioner's Office for failing to protect data in a timely reminder for the need for data encryption to prevent losses and potential prosecution
Survey demonstrates poor smartphone security attitude amongst users
25 June, 2009
It seems few smartphone users have got round to securing the confidential data on their smart phone using passwords, including IT security professionals
Pensions Trust data loss avoidable with encryption
01 June, 2009
Not-for-profit organization shoots itself in the foot by not encrypting laptop from which personal details of over 100,000 pensioners were lost
A quarter of UK employees take their work to bed
20 May, 2009
The bizarrely titled “Laptop use in bed and the security implications” survey by Credant results in reinforcement of security messages to those who are addicted to their laptops
Hard drive disposal data loss avoidable with encryption
19 May, 2009
Full disk encryption would have saved Pfizer from having lost hard driver data when employ threw a unit away by mistake
Serious security breach on eBay hard drive
11 May, 2009
Credant comments on the recent discovery of unencrypted sensitive military data on hard drive purchased on internet auction site
MI6 data loss highlights need for encryption
29 April, 2009
The ease with which USB memory devices can be lost or mislaid illustrates the need to have effective encryption and protection policies for removable storage
Lack of encryption results in Czech data loss
24 April, 2009
Data loss at the Czech summit could compromise personal information for the 200 attendees according to Credant Technologies
Hackers exploit weakest link in ATM communications
17 April, 2009
Credant Technologies uncovers the poor banking security practices that result in the ability for PIN crackers to gain card user's information from the weakest point in the network
Data on millions of mobile phones poses ID theft threat
18 March, 2009
Data stored on mobile phones is making 4.2 million Britons vulnerable to ID theft.
Lothian USB device loss not typical of UK police authorities
13 March, 2009
With more police forces in the UK taking up end-point protection from Credant, the recent loss of data from a memory stick at the Lothian and Borders Police is less likely to occur in other forces
March compliance deadline approaches for Government services
11 March, 2009
Credant extends warning to UK public sector departments that the compliance deadline for network security regulations expires at the end of March
Concern remains high over Web 2.0 security
13 February, 2009
Forrester Research report reveals continuing concern in industry regarding the secure use of Web 2.0 technology
Cooperation on archiving of reported security loss incidents
12 February, 2009
Credant and the Open Security Foundation collaborate on data security initiatives providing wider exposure to data loss incidents
Prevalence of weak passwords strengthens case for encryption
03 February, 2009
Credant recommends the use of strong encryption to prevent data leakage after survey revelation on severe weaknesses existing in password selection by company employees
NHS lap top data loss avoidable
28 January, 2009
With improved encryption, the recent loss of data from a Welsh health service laptop could have been avoided according to Credant Technologies
Carelessness prevails with USB memory sticks
20 January, 2009
UK survey demonstrates lax attitudes towards data security with USB sticks being regularly left in taxis and even laundrettes
Data port control for critical networks
08 January, 2009
Protector from Credant provides control for data ports preventing information leakage from government and critical civilian networks
Lack of security on Royal laptop baffles Credant
18 December, 2008
Unencrypted photos on Duchess of York's laptop the subject of an entirely avoidable security breach according to Credant
A dozen tips on smart phone security during Christmas party season!
10 December, 2008
Michael Callahan of Credant Technologies offers the throngs of office-party goers a few well-timed tips on how to avoid identity theft hangovers due to lost smart-phones
The Weakest Link in protecting corporate data
05 December, 2008
Michael Callahan of Credant Technologies examines human error as the weakest link in the data security chain
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