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Company Directory
Cognitec Systems
Grossenhainer Str. 101
[t] +49 351 862 9212
Biometric video investigation tools
17 June, 2016
FaceVACS-VideoScan provides capability of performing complex biometrics based searches for people from live video streams
Higher accuracy rates for eGate biometrics
12 April, 2016
New software from Cognitec for use in automatic passport control uses the latest face recognition matching algorithm for greater accuracy.
Face biometrics help protect Macau casinos
09 February, 2016
The gambling industry is securing its premises in Macau from banned people with the use of biometric face recognition technology
Age and gender features added to face biometrics
19 November, 2015
FaceVACS from Cognitec has been enhanced with performance improvements and the ability to estimate age and detect gender
Biometrics deal for device access control
04 December, 2014
Cognitec and Intel have signed a deal on the supply of biometric face recognition software for use on a range of electronic devices
Smart facial image acquisition for border control
20 December, 2013
Biometric face recognition system developed for fast use and easy integration into electronic gates for use in border control points
German airports upgrade to eGates with biometric face recognition
23 August, 2013
Cognitec's biometric face recognition engine is at the heart of the electronic eGate project at German airports for faster processing of electronic passport holders
FaceVACS biometrics SDK now available for Android
17 July, 2013
Developers can now create biometric face recognition applications for Android smartphones using the FaceVACS SDK available from Cognitec
Anonymous face tracking on video analytics system
13 February, 2013
FaceVACS-VideoScan provides anonymous biometric face recognition for analysis of people counts and demographics in crowded scenes
Face recognition algorithm update improves angular recognition
13 December, 2012
A new algorithm from Cognitec improves biometric face recognition for inclined faces and for poor quality images
Biometric Technology For People Counting And Demographic Analysis
10 September, 2012
FaceVACS-VideoScan supports security and business operations with biometric face recognition for demographic analysis or counting people
Improved Performance And Reduced Template Size in Face Recognition Algorithm
21 December, 2011
Cognitec has released new versions of its Biometric Face Recognition SDC and DBScan with performance enhancements and reduced facial template size
Pose Correction Filtering Available On Biometric Facial Search Tool
20 June, 2011
FaceVACS-DBScan from Cognitec provides law enforcement agencies with efficient facial image database search facilities using biometric algorithms including a 3-D modeller for performing pose correction for easier identification
Technology Alliance Results In Biometric IP Face Recognition System
04 March, 2011
Cognitec has partnered with iview Systems to bring biometric face recognition technology to IP networked loss prevention systems
FaceVACS Products Now Incorporate BT58 Comparison Algorith
11 January, 2011
Cognitec has improved the comparative capabilities of its FaceVACS biometric face recognition range of products with the incorporation of a new algorithm
Extended Biometric Image Search Tool
21 December, 2010
FaceVACS-DBScan includes examiner tool within face recognition database search software for use by law enforcement professionals
Photo ID Preparation Technology For Use With Face Recognition
09 December, 2010
Cognitec's new FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition enables portrait photographs to be taken for identification documents that are suitable for use with biometric face recognition applications
Cognitec Products On Show At ID World
15 November, 2010
VideoScan biometric face identification system to be demonstrated at this week's ID World show taking place in Milan
Cognitec Attends Biometrics Event In London
18 October, 2010
Face tracking technology as well as victim and criminal identification from crime scene photos and mugshots to be demonstrated by Cognitec at London's annual biometrics industry event
Cognitec Goes To Tampa With Innovative Face Recognition Technology
20 September, 2010
VideoScan, Image Capture and Face Recognition technology for use in a variety of security applications including biometric recognition of faces in crowds will be demonstrated by Cognitec at the Biometric Consortium Conference being held in Tampa
Face Biometric Product Shows Outstanding Results In Multi-Biometric Evaluation Test
22 June, 2010
A multiple biometric evaluation conducted by NIST has demonstrated the capabilities of biometric face recognition technology from Cognitec Systems
Cognitec To Present Latest Face Recognition Technology at ID World
04 May, 2010
ID World at Abu Dhabi to be the venue this week for Cognitec's presentation on the state of the art in biometric face recognition technology
Face Tracker Technology Presentation at ISC West
19 March, 2010
Cognitec is attending ISC West this week to demonstrate its Biometric Face Recognition products including the company's innovative face tracking technology
Face recognition systems on show at Cardex 2009
14 December, 2009
Cognitec is traveling to Cairo for the 8th Digital Identity Assurance Conference to demonstrate its range of biometric face recognition systems
Face recognition technology to be used for the identification of missing children
03 December, 2009
The AmberVision service for locating and identifying missing children in America is to use biometric face recognition systems from Cognitec to be used in real-time field identification work
Biometric face recognition technology applications in airport security
06 November, 2009
Juergen Pampus of Cognitec Systems explains how face recognition technology has advanced to a position of wide-spread deployment across applications such as border control, physical access control and mobile identity checking to bring mainstream biometrics to the world's airports
Face recognition systems feature at ID World
03 November, 2009
Cognitec is attending the ID World International Congress this week demonstrating its innovative biometric face recognition systems including image capture technology for ePassports
Real time biometric CCTV analysis on show
16 October, 2009
Cognitec is attending the Biometrics 2009 event in London where it will demonstrate the use of face recognition for use with live surveillance image streaming
Adobe to bring FaceVACS biometrics to consumer markets
28 September, 2009
Biometric face recognition technology from Cognitec will be incorporated into consumer products such as Photoshop by software developer Adobe
Face recognition demonstrations at US Conference
16 September, 2009
Cognitec is attending the Biometric Consortium Conference in Florida with demonstrations of its range of Face Recognition systems
Biometric innovations at TranSec World Expo
29 May, 2009
Face recognition products from Cognitec to be displayed to the transport security industry at TranSec World Expo where the company will be demonstrating its handheld device, image capturing technology and video surveillance capture systems
Face recognition in video surveillance
27 April, 2009
Cognitec has released a new SDK as well as FaceVACS-Alert for use as a recognition system on video surveillance systems
Image capture and recognition at document exhibition
26 March, 2009
Cognitec is presenting its range of surveillance software, handheld face recognition technology and image capture devices at London document exhibition
Face recognition for surveillance systems on show at ISC West
24 March, 2009
Cognitec is attending ISC West to display its real time facial recognition system for deployment on IP surveillance networks
Face recognition technology at Border Security show
03 March, 2009
Cognitec's range of biometric face recognition systems for use with handheld or streaming video applications to be demonstrated at Border Security show in Poland
Cognitec face recognition systems at Biometrics 2008
17 October, 2008
Biometrics 2008 exhibition in London will be attended by Cognitec Systems demonstrating their innovations in applied biometric facial recognition technology
Face recognition innovations to be presented at Tampa Biometric exhibition
22 September, 2008
Cognitec will demonstrate handheld face recognition system, surveillance software and photo quality checking for travel documents at Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo in Tampa
Award for FaceVACS face recognition engine
16 September, 2008
Product Line Strategy of the Year awarded by Frost and Sullivan to Cognitec for its FaceVACS multplatform kit, a market leader in face recognition biometrics
Face recognition specialist features on 21st century business
15 September, 2008
Television broadcast to provide Cognitec with the opportunity of airing its vision for the future and biometric product set
Recognition for FaceVACS biometric system
12 September, 2008
Frost and Sullivan have provided award to Cognitec for the FaceVACS biometric face recognition system
Face recognition for Taiwan ePassport initiative
09 June, 2008
Cognitec to supply FaceVACS biometric face recognition technology for the ePassport initiative of the Taiwan Government
FaceVACS-Alert used for congress security.
29 February, 2008
Biometric face recognition product from Cognitec used at the 17th CPC national congress in Beijing.
Russian installers make success of Face Recognition technology.
11 January, 2008
FaceVACS biometric face recognition software by Cognitec deployed in multiple installations across Russia with positive results demonstrated by successful arrests.
Cognitec in cooperation agreement with Lockheed Martin.
19 December, 2007
Lockheed Martin to make use of biometric face recognition expertise of Cognitec Systems in support of open multi-biometric systems.