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British Retail Consortium
2nd Floor
21 Dartmouth Street,
[t] +44 207 854 8900
[f] +44 207 854 8901
The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is an industry body dedicated to the improvement of standards and representing the needs of the retail industry in Britain.

A strong aspect of the BRC activities is to work closely with government departments to influence policy and legislation. The BRC has close links with such departments as the DTI, the Health and Safety Executive, the Home Office, the Food Standards Agency and HM Revenue and Customs.

The BRC has a strong lobby concerning legislation which affects the British retail industry.

BRC Tackles Emerging Threat of E-Crime
22 August, 2012
British Retail Consortium report examines the rise of e-crime in the British retail industry
BRC Calls For Continuation of Increased Court Time for Retail Criminals
06 February, 2012
Following the increased court activity for bringing retail criminals to justice following last years UK riots, the British Retail Consortium is now calling for continued court activity to act as a deterrent
BRC Submits Research Results To Riot Trials
24 August, 2011
The results of a survey conducted by the British Retail Consortium on retailers affected by the riots in the UK will be submitted to assist in developing impact assessments
Retail Group Calls For Justice Against Looters
11 August, 2011
The British Retail Consortium is calling for a hard stance against people who committed crimes against UK retailers during the recent looting and disorder in British cities
BRC Seeks Reassurance On Stemming Riot Related Looting
10 August, 2011
The British Retail Consortium is lobbying for support and reassurance from British Home Secretary regarding the rash of crime against retailers during the unrest in the UK
British Retail Consortium Condemns Looting
09 August, 2011
The UK's BRC comments on the looting and criminal damage targeting the retail sector in London and other cities in the UK
UK Retailers Hit By High Security Costs And Bank Charges
27 June, 2011
The British Retail Consortium investigates trends in retail customer spending and the influence on costs for the retailers in bolstering anti-fraud measures whilst bearing the increased banking security costs
Cost Of Retail Crime Remains High In UK Despite Theft Reduction
17 January, 2011
Two retail thefts per minute in the UK results in crime bill of over a billion pounds according to the Retail Crime Survey for 2010 issued by the British Retail Consortium
Retail Trade Association Reacts To QueenÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Speech
26 May, 2010
The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill has come under scrutiny from the BRC with respect to alcohol proposal after the Queen's Speech on Tuesday
The BRC offers recommendations for fighting escalating retail crime
07 January, 2010
With a doubling of abuse against retail staff and incidents occurring once a minute, the British Retail Consortium is calling for concerted action to tackle retail crime in the UK
The BRC warns of increased cash in transit attacks
30 November, 2009
Advice is being offered by the British Retail Consortium in an effort to improve security and awareness regarding cash and valuables in transit during the risky season during a year that has seen an increase in such robberies
Retail crime fixed penalty guidance available
20 July, 2009
The BRC has welcomed guidance on the issuance of fixed penalties as a punishment for such retail crime as shoplifting but the trade association would like to see further safeguards
BRC survey sees increase in retail crime in the UK
17 July, 2009
Contrary to Home Office reports of stable crime figures, the British Retail Consortium is seeing a significant increase in recession-fuelled retail crime in the nation
SIA licensing decision welcomed by BRC
08 May, 2009
The British Retail Consortium applauds the SIA's decision not to subject in-house guards to licensing requirements
Decrease in shop theft may come to an end
20 October, 2008
BRC survey indicates fear amongst retailers that the trend in reductions in shop crime may turn around as a result of the current economic climate
BRC comment on penalty notice for shop theft debate
17 October, 2008
UK shoplifting levels not affected by issuing fixed penalty fines according to the British Retail Consortium
Free monitored security installation for BritainÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs small businesses
20 August, 2008
Monitored product range to be fitted free to eligible small businesses in the UK in a scheme launched by the Action Against Business Crime group.
BRC calls for action against violence against shop staff
25 September, 2007
The British Retail Commission has lobbied the Home Secretary for support against violence towards retail staff after survey indicates 50% rise in violent retain crime.
BRC warns of checkout conflict.
10 July, 2007
On respect for shop workers day, the British Retail Consortium raises concerns over potential conflict at checkouts resulting from new knife and tobacco sale laws.
Policy for handling convicted retail criminals to be reviewed.
26 June, 2007
The Government is preparing a review of sentencing policy with problems of prison overcrowding and a continuing rise in retail crime.
BRC concerned over proposals for early release for convicted criminals.
19 June, 2007
Proposed early release of non-violent offenders to combat overcrowding in Britain's jails raises concerns over potential rise in retail crime.
BRC opposes detention of shoplifters on retail premises.
30 May, 2007
Proposals in PACE review for temporary detention facilities for retail crime raises concern by British Retail Consortium that they might not be properly managed.
On the spot fines could de-criminalise shoplifting warns BRC
29 May, 2007
The BRC appeals to the British Government not to further water down shoplifting by treating it as a minor offence which doesn't carry custodial sentences.
BRC lobbies Government on status of shoplifting as a crime.
09 May, 2007
The British Retail Consortium argues that lack of prison capacity should not lead to watering down shoplifting to the level of a crime with light punishment.