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Cloud based real time content filtering
08 June, 2015
Bloxx is now offering its real time web content filtering products off the premises with Tru-View Cloud
Considerations for taking out cyber insurance
20 May, 2015
Charles Sweeney, CEO of Bloxx, examines the case for commercial cyber liability insurance and what steps companies can take to reduce risk and premiums
Research into social media use in education
28 January, 2015
Bloxx study shows high levels of cyber-bullying, inappropriate behaviour and productivity problems associated with the use of social media in educational environments
Learning lessons from 2014 threats for a secure new year
08 January, 2015
2015, when companies will realise they aren’t 100% secure, and consumers will begin to take care of their own security business
Web filtering for managed service providers
12 November, 2014
The Bloxx web filtering and security product is now available for use by Managed Security Service Providers
Proactive social media management on web filter
01 October, 2014
The latest version of the Bloxx web filter and secure web gateway enables more proactive management of social media as well as access to flash games
Web filter enhancement for BYOD environments
27 January, 2014
Secure web gateway and web filter appliance from Bloxx provides improved management of guest access, BYOD initiatives and the use of mobile devices
Anonymous proxies continue to be a major concern in education sector
16 January, 2014
The use of anonymous proxies to bypass web filtering software is a concern for over two-thirds of educational establishments in the UK
Web filtering for virtual appliances
20 December, 2013
Microsoft's Hyper-V virtual appliance gains new web filter and secure gateway from Bloxx
More clarity required in Google secure internet access plans
16 December, 2013
Bloxx is calling on internet giant Google to provide more details about how its uProxyService is likely to work when launched in 2014
Top IT security trends and predictions for 2014
28 November, 2013
Bloxx takes a look at 2014 and predicts that the dark web will start to rise to the surface as more focus is placed on revealing its secrets
BYOD eBook on implementing in school environments
14 June, 2013
Bloxx is highlighting the advantages of BYOD in education in the company's latest eBook dealing with the empowerment of learning using BYOD
Dynaminc web filtering system on show at InfoSec
19 April, 2013
Bloxx is attending the InfoSecurity Europe show next week with its range of internet security and content filtering systems
Ebook explains the use of social media in education
04 March, 2013
Web filtering specialist shows how online safety policies can be put in place in the education sector with a newly released eBook on social media in education
Free iOS browser assists school web filtering
21 November, 2012
Bloxx has introduced a browser to enable schools and other organisations to manage content filtering for the Apple iPad
Tru-View Technology provides safe browsing in Cumbrian school
06 November, 2012
A school in Cumbria is able to take control of content delivery to classroom workstation using dynamic web filtering and monitoring with Tru-View technology from Bloxx
Browser For iPad With Built In Filter
25 April, 2012
Web traffic can be filtered over wi-fi connections to the Apple iPad using the Bloxx browser
Web Filtering To Include Virus Protection
03 April, 2012
Partnership with Bloxx and Sophos brings web and e-mail security threat protection to customers of Bloxx's web filtering products
UK Sports Retail Chain Takes Web Filtering From Bloxx
21 September, 2011
Tru-View web filtering technology from Bloxx is providing web browsing management and reporting for over 2000 internet access points at JJB Sports in the UK
Anonymous Proxy Use Eliminated At Junior School With Bloxx
09 September, 2011
Bloxx has installed real time web filtering and monitoring appliances at Pocklington and Lyndhurst Junior Schools eliminating the use of Anonymous Proxies by pupils
Filtration Company Takes Bloxx Technology To Manage Browsing
22 August, 2011
Bloxx has supplied AAF with web filtering technology to enable the company's staff to gain the required benefits of the web without damaging reputation through misuse
Scottish Health Service Provider Improves Productivity With Web Filtering
05 August, 2011
Tru-Vu technology from Bloxx is being using by Scottish Borders NHS trust to monitor web browser activity of staff and improve productivity levels in the organisation
Web Filtering Distribution Agreement For Benelux
17 June, 2011
Dutch IT Security Distribution specialist enters agreement with Bloxx for the distribution of Tru-View Technology in the Benelux region
Partnership enables content analysis of encrypted web traffic
14 April, 2011
Bloxx takes another step towards comprehensive web filtering with the inclusion of dynamic content analysis of secure encrypted web traffic in partnership with Microdasys
Productivity Protection At Housing Group Using Web Filtering
18 February, 2011
Bloxx' Tru-View Technology is providing protection to Acclaim Housing and its staff alike through real time filtering of web sites that represent a potential impact on the company's productivity or are against the Group's policy internet usage policy
Additional Language Support Added To Tru-View Technology
11 February, 2011
Bloxx has catered for additional web-filtering capability within Tru-View Technology by incorporating categorisation capability for web-sites in the Spanish and German languages
Real Time Web Protection For Technology College
03 February, 2011
Bloxx has provided web filtering using Tru-View Technology to help protect technology school from malicious and inappropriate web site content
Web Filtering And Reporting Appliances For Large Organisations
28 January, 2011
Scalable to support up to 10,000 PCs, the new Impresa range of web filtering appliances have been designed to reduce total cost of ownership of web filtering and reporting to large enterprises
Web Filtering Policies Extended To Remote Clients
11 January, 2011
Bloxx has introduced Remote Web Filtering where remote workers can be provided with internet access in compliance with company internet access and content filtering policies
Web Filtering Leads To Productivity Improvements At Garment Manufacturer
15 December, 2010
Productive online work at Johnstons of Elgin has been facilitated with the use of Tru-View web filtering technology from Bloxx bringing productivity improvement benefits to the company
UK Businesses Set To Lose Out Through Internet Shopping Sprees
25 November, 2010
Uncontrolled internet access for employees is likely to create large losses in productivity for businesses this year as the Christmas season approaches and workers go online to do their Christmas shopping during work hours
Free Appliance Upgrade With Maintenance Contract Renewals
19 November, 2010
Bloxx is providing its customers with a deal enabling a free upgrade to the latest web and e-mail filtering appliances on the renewal of existing maintenance contracts for a further three years
Bloxx Hits The Deloitte Fast 50 List
27 October, 2010
Web filtering company ranked 19th in Deloitte's list of the 50 fastest growth technology businesses in the UK
Anonymous Proxies Continue To Challenge Effective Internet Access Control
14 September, 2010
A survey from Bloxx has revealed that unrestricted internet access at educational institutions through the use of Anonymous Proxies remains very high with up to a week being required to detect and block the use of such proxies
Vendor Report Recognition For Tru-View Technology
20 August, 2010
Bloxx' web filtering and analysis technology has gained recognition from Info-Tech Research for real-time categorization and granular control
Multi-Site Browsing Analysis and Protection for John R Weir
14 July, 2010
UK company takes Bloxx Web Filtering technology for use across its seven site to monitor staff browsing activity and protect the company from inappropriate web usage
Bloxx Warns Of Business Risk Associated With Downloading Copyright Material
04 June, 2010
UK Businesses need to have adequate security systems in place to prevent their employees from downloading material which may be copyright and therefore infringing the Digital Economy Act
Bloxx Signs Partnership Agreement With Japanese Web Filtering Company
30 April, 2010
NetSTAR and Bloxx will jointly develop web filtering applications for the global market
Wellingborough School Tackles Anonymous Proxy Problem With Bloxx Web Filtering
22 April, 2010
Providing safe internet access to students at UK school was the priority for Bloxx with the delivery of Tru-View web filtering technology which enables the school to prevent pupils from circumventing filters with anonymous proxies
Tru-View Technology Protecting Yorkshire Building Society from Inappropriate Internet Usage
16 April, 2010
Bloxx has introduced smart web filtering at the Yorkshire Building Society to protect the company and its 2000 employees from inappropriate internet content and exposure to web-borne malicious software
Software Development Kit Available For Web Filtering Application Development Using Tru-View Technology
26 March, 2010
Bloxx has mad an SDK available of it's innovative Tru-View Technology web content analysis software for OEM partners to develop their own applications based on it
Web Content Reporting Facility with Up To Five Years Retention
15 March, 2010
Detailed logging of all web access and activities within an organisation can now be retained for five years with new web reporting appliance from Bloxx enabling improved compliance to regulatory requirements
Anonymising proxy use eliminated at Milton Keynes College
24 February, 2010
Educational institute bolsters its zero tolerance policy on the use of anonymisers with the use of Bloxx internet filtering system using Tru-View Technology to safeguard the surfing of its 16000 users
Web filtering expert joins Bloxx Senior Management Team
16 February, 2010
Ex-Websense Sales Director takes senior sales role in web filtering company Bloxx to oversee the implementation of the Sales Channel Development Strategy within the UK and EMEA regions
Tru-View Web Filtering Controls Internet Access for Scottish Council Employees
12 February, 2010
Over 16,000 Council Employees in East Ayrshire are being protected with Bloxx Tru-View Technology providing selective content based filtering of web sites
Bolton Council Takes Media Filter for safer learning environment
03 February, 2010
School Pupils in the Bolton Council District will benefit from the use of Bloxx Media filter for enabling students to use such sites as YouTube for educational purposes without being exposed to the dangers of restriction-free surfing
Schools within the Bolton Council area the first to use BloxxÃÂÃâ€ÂÃâ€Âs Media Filter
15 January, 2010
Pupils studying in the Northern UK city of Bolton will be the first to realise the advantages of selective filtering for YouTube Content, enabling them to use this valuable resource as a study aid without the associated dangers
Media Filter provides safe learning resource for schools
12 January, 2010
Bloxx has released the Media Filter for enabling the use of social media in education whilst maintaining a secure environment bringing granularity to YouTube video clip approvals
Massive growth places Bloxx in Fast 500 for EMEA
30 November, 2009
Placed at position 175 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA index, Bloxx makes its impression of reaching the content filtering market
Web content protection fits school internet policy
24 November, 2009
Frederick Gough school is using Bloxx web filtering to fulfil its needs for utilising the educational benefits of the internet whilst protecting its students
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