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Company Directory
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
2 Arundel Street
[t] +44 207 812 4274

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly Detica) develops, integrates and manages information intelligence solutions to help the company's clients deliver effective and secure services to citizens and customers. The company is also involved in critical infrastructure protection and develops solutions to strengthen national security and resilience

Read more BAE Systems Applied Intelligence news below:

Big data analytics provide network investment decision support
04 March, 2015
CommsReveal from BAE Systems is designed to provide network intelligence through big data analytics to communications service providers to enable decisions to be made on investments and network changes
Software for meeting regulatory requirements on money laundering
07 August, 2014
The NetReveal Anti-Money Laundering software from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence provides organizations with a means of keeping up with increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements
Evolution of Snake cyber espionage toolkit
10 March, 2014
BAE Intelligent Systems dissects the Snake cyber espionage toolkit and explains how this could change the face of the cyber-security industry
Security export strategy to keep UK at the forefront of technology
03 March, 2014
The UK Government's recently released security export strategy provides encouraging support to the country's cyber security industry
UK industry attitudes to growth in cyber threats
28 February, 2014
Research from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence shows increased spending expected in UK industry to counter expected cyber threats
BAE Systems drops Detica brand in favour of Applied Intelligence
27 January, 2014
Name change to BAE Systems Applied Intelligence reflects company's activities in the prevention and detection of financial crime and in cyber security
Analytical service to detect insurance claim fraud
16 January, 2014
BAE Systems Detica is working with the Canadian National Insurance Crime Services to provide analytical services for the detection of suspicious insurance claims
Five priorities for combating digital crime in 2014
08 January, 2014
BAE Systems Detica provides its thoughts on the top five priorities needed in order to fight digital crime in the coming year
Fight against financial crime continues to escalate
09 December, 2013
Survey shows that spending on preventing financial crime is continuing to be a priority as global risks continue to increase
UK banks a target for sophisticated Shylock malware
21 November, 2013
BAE Systems Detica explains the threat posed by the Shylock malware and its effects on the UK banking and finance industry
GCHQ and CPNI certify Detica for cyber incident response
18 November, 2013
BAE Systems Detica will be one of a group of companies to provide cyber incident response in the UK under new certification
Industrial network protection in a single appliance
11 September, 2013
Protection available against cyber attacks against critical infrastructure with IndustrialProtect industrial network security appliance from BAE Systems Detica
McLaren racing team protects sensitive information with CyberReveal
24 April, 2013
BAE Systems Detica forms bond with McLaren Group to ensure the protection of highly sensitive intellectual property at the formula 1 racing team
CyberReveal now available for private sector
22 April, 2013
Defence grade cyber threat investigation and analysis product from BAE Systems Detica is now available for private sector companies with their own security analysis capabilities
CISP launch to provide critical threat intelligence
28 March, 2013
BAE Systems Detica comments on the launch of the Cyber Information Sharing Partnership in the UK and its potential benefit as a gatherer of threat intelligence
Service management integration contract for Detica
14 March, 2013
The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office has chosen BAE Systems Detica for the integration of service management
Security supplier enters agreement with mobile telecom company
19 February, 2013
Vodafone and BAE Systems Detica will work together on projects involving cloud based mobile security systems and M2M technology
Chinese cyber attack hits New York Times
01 February, 2013
BAE Systems Detica points out the need for on-going threat monitoring to prevent disruptive attacks such as that which recently hit the New York Times
Cyber security predictions for 2013
16 January, 2013
Experts at BAE Systems Detica provide their thoughts on how the cyber threat landscape will look during the coming year
UK Government produces cyber security strategy
04 December, 2012
BAE Systems Detica comments on recent announcement from the UK Government on the country's cyber security strategy
Government approval of Detica for incident response
07 November, 2012
The UK's GCHQ has included BAE Systems Detica on the list of four approved companies for handling cyber incident responses
Cyber Security Institute Could Protect UK Economy
14 September, 2012
BAE Systems Detica comments on the creation of the UK Government Cyber Security Institute and how that could affect the long term protection of the country's economy from cyber threats
UK Government Launches Cyber Security Initiative
06 September, 2012
BAE System Detica comments on the UK Government programme dedicated to cyber security for local businesses
BAE Systems Addresses Global Cyber Crime at Airshow
12 July, 2012
Attending the Farnborough Airshow this week, BAE Systems Detica is focusing on the growing international cyber threat
Detica Executive Gives Presentation on APT
15 June, 2012
The Information Age Enterprise Security conference will this year host BAE Systems Detica Technical Director as a speaker on the effects of Advanced Persistent Threats on businesses
Confidence Falls In Corporate Cyber Defences
16 May, 2012
Study from BAE Systems Detica shows British industry is expecting an escalation of cyber attacks but lacks the confidence to deal with it
Report On Criminal Organisation Involvement in Digital Domain
29 March, 2012
Joint report from BAE Systems Detica and John Grieve Centre examines the extent of organised criminal involvement in digital crime
Low Cost Fraud Detection Through Effective Planning
12 January, 2012
BAE Systems Detica comments on rising fraud levels in the UK and provides the means to deal with it effectively
Private Sector Cooperation at Heart Of UK Cyber Security Strategy
28 November, 2011
BAE Systems Detica comments on the shift of emphasis created within the UK Government's Cyber Security Strategy document
Call For Public-Private Partnerships On Critical Infrastructure Security
22 November, 2011
BAE Systems Detica Technical Director comments on US water utility plant cyber attack in connection with the advantages of striking partnerships for protection between the public and private sectors
Call For Best Practice Cyber Security For Critical Infrastructure Protection
14 September, 2011
BAE Systems Detica uses DSEi event to deliver its message regarding the need for military grade cyber security protection for protecting Tier 1 infrastructure
Greater Focus Required on Security For Smart Metering
04 July, 2011
Security and privacy by design is the fundamental aim of Detica's role in the SmartReach Consortium for mitigating risks in smart metering
Security Risk Management Contract With Ministry of Justice
22 June, 2011
Detica has entered into a two-year contract with the Ministry of Justice to provide manages security services including security risk management to the government department
IMF Hack Public Announcement a Positive Sign of Transparency
14 June, 2011
Detica comments on the recent cyber-attack on the IMF and the organisation's response to it with public revelation
Detica Calls For Private Sector Involvement In Counteracting Fraud Against Public Sector
09 June, 2011
In response to an interim report from the Counter Fraud Taskforce, Detica is advising the UK Government to seek greater levels of involvement from the private sector
Flawed Risk Management Responsible For Huge UK Industry Losses to Espionage
02 June, 2011
Attendees of the first day of the Cybersecurity Summit in London hear address from BAE Systems Detica highlighting the current bottom-up process of risk and impact assessment leaves companies exposed to cyber security threats costing the UK billions each year