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Company Directory
Avast Software
Trianon Offic Building
Budejovicka 1518/13a
Praha 4
140 00
Czech Republic
[t] +420 274 005 777
[f] +420 274 005 888
Privacy protection for PC and mobile users
06 November, 2015
Avast 2016 has been launched with improved privacy protection on mobile and desktop devices as well as automatic strong password generation
Default passwords create vulnerabilities for home routers
09 December, 2014
Avast believes up to 75% of routers used in homes throughout the UK are vulnerable to attack because owners haven't changed the default passwords
Data protection combined with mobile device loss prevention
23 August, 2013
Mobile Premium from Avast is available for Android devices and features geofencing as a device loss prevention technology
Encryption for open wi-fi hotspots
07 June, 2013
Avast is helping users of insecure wi-fi hotspots to make secure transactions with the use of SecureLine virtual private networks
Social network security acquisition
30 April, 2013
Avast makes inroads into social network security and privacy protection with the acquisition of
User improvements introduced in Avast version 8
05 March, 2013
A new release has been issued of the Avast anti virus software with improvements to user experience as well as proactive detection technology
Avast reaches customers with Social Media analytics
09 November, 2012
Anti-virus company is now using analytics of Twitter and Facebook to engage with its user base using social media
Four Endpoint Protection Variants Meet Different Customer Needs
07 June, 2012
Avast is catering for the wide range of business users of endpoint protection by offering four versions of its commercial software
Smart Phone Apps With Premium Rate Call Generators
14 May, 2012
Avast is warning Smartphone users of fake screensaver apps which defraud users by triggering premium rate SMS messages
Browser Sandboxing Feature on Avast 7
15 March, 2012
Avast's latest version of its internet security suite provides users with virtualisation benefits with its sandbox and safezone features
Remote Assist Tool Available On Avast 7
13 March, 2012
Antivirus software comes with ability to enlist help from a friend through tool for remote assistance
Mobile Antivirus Gains Top Score For Android
12 March, 2012
AV-Test has provided top detection rating for Android malware to Avast's free mobile security product
Virtualisation Benefits For PC Antivirus Software
01 March, 2012
Version 7 of Avast Internet Security brings the benefits of virtualisation to individual PC users
Faster Threat Identification with Avast 7
24 February, 2012
Avast's free antivirus programme gains more improvements at version 7 bringing peer support capability to the party along with faster identification and improved use of cloud resources
Streaming Signature Updates From Avast Antivirus
10 February, 2012
Avast Software has introduced hybrid cloud technology to update its users constantly with the latest malware protection updates in real time
Online Computer Gaming Site Danger
17 January, 2012
Avast details the dangers associated with online gaming sites used by children and the risk of picking up malware
Free Secure Remote Access Feature For Android Users
06 January, 2012
Users of the Android mobile platform can now obtain free mobile security with stealth and remote access features from AVAST Software
Educational Rented Netbooks Protected With Avast Anti-Virus
29 November, 2011
Christ the King College is providing its students with rented netbooks as part of a new scheme with the use of anti-virus software to protect their assets
Wordpress Plug-in Related Infections Increase
01 November, 2011
AVAST is warning Wordpress users to check their blog-site image plugins for vulnerabilities to the Blackhole malware
Display Reversal Feature Exploited To Deploy Malware
08 September, 2011
Avast is warning of a new trend in malware deployment exploiting unicode feature which enables display reversal of file names and extensions
Pirate Copies Of XP A Common Vector For Malware
29 July, 2011
XP Continues to be the most popular version of Microsoft's operating system with large numbers of pirate versions in use which can't be secured by Windows Update creating an ideal vector for malware propogation
Anti-Virus System Released For Smaller Businesses
20 July, 2011
Avast Business Protection delivers tried and tested anti-virus solution with mobile administration designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses
Low Proportion Of Adobe Reader Users Have Latest Version With Security Patches
14 July, 2011
Avast is encouraging users of the popular Adobe Reader to upgrade to the latest version after discovering over 60% are using downlevel versions with vulnerabilities
Free Mac Anti-Virus Beta Available From Avast
03 June, 2011
Avast software has released the beta version of its latest free anti-virus software designed for use on the Mac platform
Malware Exploits Image Encoding in PDF Files
06 May, 2011
Avast has discovered a PDF exploit which encodes malware into document files using monochrome image filters
Free Antivirus Software Beats Paid-For Solutions In Comparative Test
14 April, 2011
Results of AV Comparatives test puts Avast free edition in the lead against other systems requiring subscriptions
AVAST Clamps Down On Illegal Pirating Of Anti-virus Software
06 April, 2011
More AVAST customers have become legal as company campaigns to convert illegal licences of their product across the world
6 Reasons To Go To Avast 6.0
25 February, 2011
Avast has released version 6.0 of its successful free antivirus product including website content reputation guide and AutoSandbox features
SafeZone Keeps Transaction Data Safe Usine Virtualized Desktop
22 February, 2011
Avast! 6.0 will include the SafeZone virtualised desktop for ensuring the security of financial transactions on computers even if they are infected
Avast Explains How Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Safe Zones
21 February, 2011
Dubbed the "Trust Phenomenon" by Avast Software, malware distributors are using three vectors in order to exploit the feeling of comfort people have in familiar websites
WebRep Reputation Analysis Feature Added To Avast! 6.0
08 February, 2011
Web security product from Avast will obtain web reputation analysis capability with the release of version 6.0
Avast Warns Of Hidden Dangers Of Site Infections
01 February, 2011
E-Commerce sites infected by Trojans don't always display the symptoms you'd expect, warns Avast who provide advice to site owners to keep it clean and respond to infection warnings to avoid losing customers or having them re-directed to malware sites
Free Automatic Virtualization For Avast 6.0 Users
25 January, 2011
Virtualization technology has been included in the latest version of Avast software offering simple virtualization capabilities to its users
Avast Hits Top Of VB100 List
14 December, 2010
Virus Bulleting evaluates Avast free antivirus software version with 100% detection rate for in the wild viruses
Single Multi-User Avast Licence Mushrooms To Three-Quarters Of A Million Pirates
07 December, 2010
Avast Software has tracked one of its licenced products to 770,000 users n over 200 countries forcing the company to issue a warning to convert to supported free version, buy the pro version or lose access to vital updates
Safe Online Shopping Tips From AVAST Software
24 November, 2010
As the holiday season approaches, AVAST looks at the risks to online shoppers and provides some advice to avoiding becoming a victim at each stage of the process
Password Thieving Botnet Tracked by AVAST
19 November, 2010
Anti-virus company goes on the trail of the Kroxxu botnet and examines the progress of the password stealing malware that has so far compromised over 100,000 domains
How to Silence AVAST Update Signal
16 November, 2010
Muting the antivirus software update announcement from AVAST is a simple process using silent or gaming mode
AVAST Keeps Hospital Software Healthy
11 November, 2010
The Queen Elizabeth Teaching Hospital in King's Lynn in the UK has extended its use of AVAST antivirus software for its fourth year
1 in 8 Malware Attacks Originate From USB Connected Equipment
05 November, 2010
Avast warns of the growing prevalence of USB devices as the delivery vector for malware and provides advice on preventing this method of infection
A Quarter Of UK Households Now Using Avast Antivirus
20 October, 2010
AVAST has reached a major milestone with 5 million installation of the company's anti-virus product suite in the UK alone
VB100 Award For AVAST Server Edition
15 October, 2010
The server edition of AVAST's anti-virus software has picked up another award for 100% detection rate of viruses in the wild
Advice On Staying Safe For Vulnerable Gamers
08 October, 2010
Infected websites are very common in the gaming world with gamers now forming a substantial target group for virus writers
Free Anti-Virus Download Crosses 130 Million Barrier
15 September, 2010
Avast Software is celebrating the 130 millionth download of the free Avast Antivirus product
UK Website Infection Warning For New School Year
10 September, 2010
Education websites targeted in pre-term infections as pupils prepare for starting the new year warns AVAST
Growth Equity Investor Sinks $100 Million Into Avast
24 August, 2010
Anti-virus software provider prepares for significant growth after receiving capital injection from Summit Partners
Security Software For Visually Impaired People
13 August, 2010
Antivirus 5.0 from Avast software now has screen-reader technology built into it to enable partially sighted people to use the company's products
Holiday Season Results In Higher Levels Of Infected Travel Price Comparison Sites
30 July, 2010
UK holidaymakers are the target of a summer campaign by malware writers and hackers as popular holiday price comparison websites start to fall more frequently into a state of being infected by malware to enable hackers to phish personal information
Avast Issues Warning on Most Infected Sites
18 June, 2010
Spoof sites and small businesses targeted in campaign to infect UK based website warns Avast
Rootkit Threat Removal Recognition
05 May, 2010
Anti-Malware Labs has recognised the abilities of GMER Technology from ALWIL Software for removing the risks associated with rootkits
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