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American Science and Engineering
829 Middlesex Turnpike
MA 01821
[t] +1 978 262 8700
[f] +1 978 262 8804

American Science and Engineering supplies innovative X-ray inspection systems for a variety of border control, security and law enforcement applications. Proprietary Z Backscatter technology enables baggage inspection personnel to detect plastic weapons and liquid explosives more easily than with conventional X-Ray systems which often leave these items undetected. AS&E also offers radiation detection technology for revealing radioactive sources and potential dirty bombs. Their products can be deployed in a number of applications including baggage screening and vehicle inspection and cargo scanning. Read more American Science and Engineering news below:

X-Ray detection company acquisition
22 June, 2016
OSI Systems has agreed to buy X-Ray security related detection system specialist, American Science and Engineering
Comprehensive detection system for Iraq airport
08 April, 2016
The Najaf international airport in Iraq is improving security with the installation of cargo and parcel screening systems
Scanning system designed for small vehicles
18 February, 2016
The CarView threat detection system has been developed as a high throughput vehicle scanning system for small vehicles with safe exposure levels for occupants
Detection equipment helps prevent serious crime globally
06 January, 2016
US detection system manufacturer provides insight into some of the most notable seizures made across the world with the help of its equipment
Innovation award for detection system
23 November, 2015
The Mini Z portable X-ray detection system based on backscatter imaging technology has received a research and development award
Screening systems on show at ASIS
29 September, 2015
A variety of X-Ray screening systems for combatting terrorism and smuggling will feature at the ASIS security equipment exhibition this week in Anaheim
Increased detection capabilities with dual energy options
12 May, 2015
American Science and Engineering is now offering dual energy transmission options for improved detection capabilities with the Z Backscatter Van screening systems
Mini backscatter system introduced to UK market
11 March, 2015
The handheld Z Backscatter image scanner for portable drug, explosive and organic threat detection makes its debut on the UK market
Hand held screening system wins science award
13 November, 2014
Popular Science Magazine has awarded its "Best of what's New" prize to the handheld backscatter screening system from American Science and Engineering
Handheld imaging system for detecting organic threats
24 June, 2014
The MINI Z handheld Z backscatter imaging scatter has been introduced as a portable means of detecting hidden organic threats in a wide variety of applications
Taiwan police take air cargo screening system
01 April, 2014
Z Portal air cargo X-Ray screening systems from American Science and Engineering have been ordered by the Taiwan Aviation police
Mobile x-ray inspection system adds to safety at Super Bowl
04 February, 2014
Enforcement agencies added mobile x-ray detection to their multi-layered array of security measures at the 2014 sporting event. They chose the ZBV system for rapid inspection and clearance of service vehicles.
Parcel inspection system results in large narcotics haul in Asia
30 January, 2014
A large quantity of a controlled substance has been detected at an Asian airport cargo inspection area using a Gemini x-ray screening system
Settlement reached in backscatter x-ray patent infringement
18 July, 2013
US manufacturer of X-Ray detection systems reaches settlement with Rapiscan over detection technology patent infringements
Cargo screening system to be used in Iraq
11 July, 2013
The city of Bismaya in Iraq will deploy x-ray cargo inspection equipment to protect a critical infrastructure project being undertaken to provide extensive housing
Detection system company expands customer support
28 May, 2013
A customer development and support organisation has been created at American Science and Engineering
Vehicle Screening systems for counter terrorism operations
18 January, 2013
X-Ray detection system supplier to deliver five backscatter vans to Middle Eastern and African governments for use in fighting the threat of terrorism
Spanish customs and excise deploy X-Ray inspection technology
15 January, 2013
The Z Backscatter van will become part of Spain's customs and excise technology portfolio for fighting trade fraud on the country's borders
Homeland security award for detection solution provider
04 December, 2012
Manufacturer of mobile X-Ray security detection systems receives homeland security award for best explosive detection solution
More Backscatter Vans For Asia Pacific Country
02 October, 2012
An APAC country is bolstering its border crossing security with the purchase of a further quantity of Z Backscatter vans for contraband detection
Cargo Inspection System For Latin American Border Crossing
28 September, 2012
A Latin American country will use the Sentry Portal cargo screening system from American Science and Engineering for inspecting goods for explosives and other threats
Vehicle Inspection System For Use On Rugged Terrain
05 September, 2012
Latin American country takes checkpoint mobile screening system for use on rugged terrain around border checkpoints
Latin American Airport Takes Cargo and Vehicle Screening Systems
29 August, 2012
American Science and Engineering to supply X-Ray detection and screening systems to a Latin American airport for protection against cargo and vehicle based explosive threats
X-Ray Detection System Service and Maintenance Order
28 August, 2012
American Science and Engineering will provide service and maintenance for its fleet of X-Ray detection products under a new order
X-Ray Detection Company Expands in Middle East
31 July, 2012
Additional office in Saudi Arabia marks next stage of American Science and Engineering's expansion into the Middle Eastern security detection market
Critical Infrastructure Protection With Vehicle Screening System
15 June, 2012
A Cargo and Vehicle X-Ray screening system from American Science and Engineering will be used by police for the protection of a critical infrastructure facility
Backscatter Based Parcel Inspection Order From India
11 April, 2012
High profile commercial facility in India to receive a large quantity of parcel and baggage inspection systems using Z Backscatter technology
Cargo Inspection Technology On Show At ISNR
20 March, 2012
Abu Dhabi's International Security and National Resilience Show will witness the Gemini parcel inspection system from American Science and Engineering
Gantry Cargo and Vehicle Inspection System For Saudi Port
22 February, 2012
The Saudi Arabian port in Dammam has taken delivery of a high energy x-ray inspection system for the examination of sea cargo and vehicles
Congo Combats Illegal Logging with X-Ray Inspection Technology
13 December, 2011
Z Backscatter vans will be delivered to the Republic of Congo for the detection of smuggled wood in the fight against illegal logging in the country
Z Backscatter Vans Destined For Africa
22 November, 2011
African law enforcement body orders ZBV mobile X-Ray screening technology from American Science and Engineering
Cargo Inspection System Destined For Middle East
08 November, 2011
American Science and Engineering will be supplying a Middle Eastern client with X-Ray inspection equipment for screening cargo
Dutch Authorities Using ZBV System For Aeroplane Scanning
02 November, 2011
The customs of Holland are using the mobile Z Backscatter Van screening technology from American Science and Engineering to scan aeroplane structures for contraband
X-Ray Inspection System Provides Strenthens Foothold in Latin America
28 September, 2011
American Science and Engineering consolidates its grip on the Latin American market for x-Ray screening systems with further orders for the company's Z Backscatter Vans
Backscatter X-Ray Technology Protects Multiple Border Crossings
27 September, 2011
American Science and Engineering has received a large order for Z Portal vehicle screening systems for inspecting transport at land border crossings
South American Country Orders Vehicle Screening Technology
09 September, 2011
The Z Backscatter Van from American Science and Engineering will be used by a Latin American law enforcement body for x-ray screening vehicles and cargo
Detection System Equipment And Maintenance Orders
22 August, 2011
American Science And Engineering receive two large orders for service and maintenance as well as new cargo and parcel X-Ray systems
Eastern European Country Secures Borders With Cargo Screening System
16 August, 2011
The mobile Z Backscatter Van will be used in Eastern Europe for the detection of tobacco and alcohol in vehicle cargo
Non-Intrusive X-Ray Inspection System To be Used In Asia Pacific Country
06 July, 2011
Z Backscatter Vans from American Science and Engineering will be used in Asia Pacific for quickly deployable non-intrusive screening activities at customs control
Screening Systems To Be Delivered To US Bases For Force Protection
30 June, 2011
The US Department of Defence has ordered further equipment from American Science and Engineering for use in screening personnel and cargo at military bases in areas of conflict
Mobile Screening System To Be Taken By NATO
16 June, 2011
NATO Security checkpoints to deploy the Z Backscatter Van mobile x-ray screening system to improve detection capabilities
Personnel Screening System to be Delivered To European Country
05 April, 2011
The SmartCheck Inspection Module from American Science and Engineering will be used in a war-zone for personnel screening at a key military checkpoint
Latin American ZBV Maintenance Order
03 March, 2011
Z Backscatter Van X-Ray inspection systems in Latin America to be maintained by American Science and Engineering under new service agreement contract
ZBV Detection Equipment Destined For Latin America
23 February, 2011
A country in South America has become the latest nation to take the Z Backscatter Van X-Ray screening system from American Science and Engineering
DHS Orders Air Cargo Scanning System
19 January, 2011
American Science and Engineering will supply non-intrusive air cargo inspection systems as part of the Department of Homeland Security's CanScan program
Abu Dhabi Customs Take Screening Systems From American Science and Engineering
13 January, 2011
The Gemini parcel screening system and Z Backscatter Van X-Ray detection system have been ordered by Abu Dhabi customs for improved vehicle and cargo security
Yemen Customs Takes Cargo and Vehicle Screening Systems
07 January, 2011
Z Backscatter Vans are being supplied to Yemen customs from American Science and Engineering to fulfil anti-terrorism objectives at the customs border through screening cargo and vehicles for explosives
Yemen Customs Takes Z Backscatter Vans
22 December, 2010
The country of Yemen is securing its borders with the Z Backscatter manoeuvrable X-Ray screening system from American Science and Engineering
Z Portal Vehicle Screening Systems To Be Used On US Borders
08 December, 2010
The American government has signed an order for further Z Portal systems from American Science and Engineering for screening vehicles at border check points
US Critical Infrastructure Protection Project
19 November, 2010
The Z Portal vehicle screening system has been ordered from American Science and Engineering for use in explosion detection for the protection of a critical infrastructure facility
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