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Allen Vanguard
Allen House, Alexandra Way
Aschurch Business Centre
GL20 8TD
[t] +44 1684 851111
[f] +44 1684 851101

Allen-Vanguard offers the full range of anti-terrorism solutions related to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) threats in line with the requirements of global security forces. The product portfolio includes systems of mitigating the effects of terrorist attacks, barrier systems for vehicles, intervention robots, electronic counter measures, rigging systems, search and inspection tools, decontamination products, bomb detection and disposal and personal protective equipment along with comprehensive training. Read more Allen-Vanguard news below:

Allen-Vanguard sheds its bomb disposal business unit
24 September, 2013
EOD specialist Allen-Vanguard has sold its business unit which provides crew survivability systems and bomb disposal equipment
Enhancements To Bomb Disposal Helmet
12 June, 2012
Allen-Vanguard is at the defence exhibition in Paris showing its latest range of PPE systems including the latest bomb disposal helmet
Vehicle Crew Survivability Solutions On Show At DSEi
29 August, 2011
Allen-Vanguard is attending the DSEi show and conferenfe with it's range of products for providing protection to vehicle occupants from the effects of blasts
Canadian Forces Take IED Protection Equipment
01 August, 2011
Personal Protection Specialists to provide Canadian Forces with protective equipment for explosives as well as chemical and biological agents
Vehicle Crew Protection Against IED Threats
03 June, 2011
Allen-Vanguard has been attending a Canadian defence and security exhibition with the company's latest offering providing survivability systems for vehicle occupants
Field Forensic Laboratory Deployed To NATO Customer
05 April, 2011
A field deployable laboratory for biometric, forensic and technical intelligence gathering as a preventive measure against the use of Improvised Explosive Devices in terrorism has been delivered by Allen Vanguard to a NATO customer
Colour-Coded Backpack Provides Comprehensive Search Equipment Packages for Law Enforcement Professionals
05 March, 2010
Portable Search Backpacks from Allen Vanguard to be on show at Counter Terror Expo in April demonstrating the flexible search equipment packages and range of tools
Electronic counter measures on show at Milipol
05 November, 2009
Allen Vanguard is attending Milipol in Paris in November to demonstrate its Counter-IED devices
Vehicle crew protection from IED blasts
11 September, 2009
Experts in blast mitigation and protection develop crew survivability system for vehicle occupants from explosion blasts and heat effects
XPAK detectors to be distributed by Allen Vanguard
29 May, 2009
RedXDefense joins in agreement with Allen Vanguard for the distribution of the company's portable explosive detection systems
Hazard prediction software aids remote ordnance disposal.
25 March, 2008
Predictive tool for assessing damage area around suspect devices brings additional functionality to remote bomb disposal robots.
Digital Vanguard ROV features easy to use console
17 March, 2008
Allen Vanguard displays latest ROV alongside BombTec Defender offering superior response capability for the disposal of explosive devices.
Digital control for Vanguard ROV.
19 February, 2008
Touch screen controls combined with hard controls enable improved control of Vanguard remote operated vehicle.
Trailer based CBRN decontamination module.
13 December, 2007
Allen-Vanguard releases decontamination trailer for chemical, biological and radiological hazards for use by the armed forces and emergency services.
Portable search kit for customs officers.
26 November, 2007
Allen-Vanguard Rummage Tool Kit enables customs officers to quickly and effectively search vehicles and vessels.
Decontamination system for biological and chemical agents.
19 November, 2007
Allen-Vanguard uses ISNR to display the latest decontamination product range for use after terrorist attacks involving biological or chemical agents.
Mini inspection kit for detailed searches.
01 October, 2007
Miniature search kit includes mirrors, lights and magnifiers for assisting drug and contraband searches.
Redesign for vehicle search mirror
01 October, 2007
Telescopic search kit enables access to difficult areas during vehicle searches.
Under-vehicle inspection equipment now available from Allen-Vanguard
13 September, 2007
Range of three illuminated trolley mirrors from Allen-Vanguard enables fast and effective under-vehicle inspection.
Video search kit enables searches of inaccessible areas.
13 September, 2007
Allen-Vanguard's video search kit can be trolley mounted or attached to a telescopic pole for a range of access requirements
Dismantling equipment now included in search kit.
19 July, 2007
Allen-Vanguard enhances search tool kit to include equipment for gaining access to premises and dismantling vehicles for performing comprehensive searches.
ECM effectiveness tester from RF Field Monitor.
27 June, 2007
Allen-Vanguard are providing test facilities for assessing the effectiveness of jammers to protect from radio controlled IEDs.
Improvements in vehicle and venue search kits
11 June, 2007
Side viewing endoscope and bright tip illumination in visual search kit improves security and drug search capabilities for port authorities and law enforcement bodies.
Improved clarity for internal inspection endoscope.
11 June, 2007
Internal inspection instruments gain improved resolution, image quality and vision angles along with ability to connect cameras for evidence recording.
Allen-Vanguard part of IEM Hazard Management Consortium.
15 May, 2007
Consortium to address training and equipment needs for emergency services to deal with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.
Allen-Vanguard opens Oman office
24 April, 2007
Local office enables Allen-Vanguard to expand its presence in the rapidly developing middle-Eastern security market.