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Mobile network security for Latin America
24 October, 2016
IT managed services provider teams with AdaptiveMobile to bring advanced mobile network security to Latin America
Security for mobile messaging apps
29 January, 2016
AdaptiveMobile has produced an API for carriers for improving security for mobile message app users such as WhatsApp and FB Messenger
Threat intelligence unit formed for mobile security
17 July, 2015
Mobile security company AdaptiveMobile is sharing its expertise in best security practices as part of its newly formed Threat Intelligence Unit.
Malicious iPhone attack messages blocked
29 May, 2015
Over a million messages threatening to attack iPhone equipment in the USA have been blocked by mobile security software from AdaptiveMobile
Visualisations demonstrate sophistication of banking scams
22 April, 2015
AdaptiveMobile is attending the US RSA conference with demonstrations of how mobile banking attacks can have devastating effects on the US financial system
Intelligent protection combats grey route mobile messaging
04 March, 2015
Grey Route Protection service from AdaptiveMobile intercepts illegitimate messages which fraudulently use international mobile networks
Research published on Security-as-a-Service for communication service providers
27 February, 2015
AdaptiveMobile research indicates the benefits that can be achieved by Communication Service Providers in providing security-as-a-service to clients
Comprehensive security for mobile operator signalling infrastructure
25 February, 2015
SS7 Protection from AdaptiveMobile provides protection to the core networks of mobile operators against SS7 protocol based attacks
SMS spam abuse spreads to new channels
15 January, 2015
AdaptiveMobile explains how the abuse of the SMS messaging service is now spreading to adopt new channels
Telecoms award for network security company
08 December, 2014
AdaptiveMobile has been recognised in the award for network management excellence for its mobile network security services
Privacy concerns uncovered as barrier to mobility
23 September, 2014
AdaptiveMobile reports on the concerns of employees for their privacy as well as a lack of trust as barriers to mobility
High mobile operator uptake of security software
09 September, 2014
The top nine mobile operators are protecting their subscriber base with mobile security protection from AdaptiveMobile
Selfmite SMS work attacks smartphone users
01 July, 2014
AdaptiveMobile warns of malicious app which propagates by SMS fooling users into installing a worm for infecting the user address book
Montreal takes highest SMS spam levels in Canada
25 June, 2014
Forthcoming anti-spam legislation in Canada could show a reduction in the high levels of SMS spam endured by mobile users in Montreal
Florida used car scam could spread further
23 July, 2013
APT for mobile platforms exploits sellers of old cars in attack focused on Florida but with potential to spread widely
Targeted mobile spam based on demographics
20 June, 2013
A new wave of mobile spam targets users based on demographics such as income level, postcode and ethnicity
Compound threats under discussion at Mobile World Congress
21 February, 2013
AdaptiveMobile and other industry experts to use Mobile World Congress to discuss the evolution of multiple attack vectors and compound threats to mobile devices
Premium rate SMS scam originates in Russia
11 February, 2013
AdaptiveMobile provides details of a mobile phone fraud from Russia which drains accounts with malware which uses premium rate number
SMS Spam Filtering And Parental Control Partnership
02 September, 2011
AdaptiveMobile and Tekelec are partnering to deliver combined SMS firewall and content filtering for mobile devices to protect against SMS spam, fraud and inappropriate content
Compound Threats To Mobile Users Explained
09 February, 2011
The 2011 Global Security Insights report from AdaptiveMobile focuses on mobile security and the increasing role of compound threats involving SMS, email, voice and other vectors
Mobile Security Becomes A Priority As Data Traffic Eclipses Voice Services
29 March, 2010
AdaptiveMobile is reminding mobile users of the dangers of using unsecured mobile data services as the threat level increases with data service volumes overtaking voice traffic for the first time
Roaming broadband can be controlled says AdaptiveMobile
15 August, 2008
Mobile operators who ban foreign broadband access for their roaming subscribers are being unnecessarily overcautious as protection technology is readily available
Smartphone virus attacks on the increase
16 July, 2008
Warning issues by AdaptiveMobile calling for more protection for smart phones as CommWarrior and Beselo virus spiral upwards
AdaptiveMobile calls for greater mobile content control
13 June, 2008
Parental control capabilities for mobile devices reduces the possibility of children being able to access inappropriate content
Spam anniversary sees increase in unwanted mobile spam
01 May, 2008
Rise in mobile spam creates demand for software to protect mobile users from unwanted e-mail and phishing attacks.
AdaptiveMobile cuts out SMS spam for Etisalat customers.
25 February, 2008
Emirates mobile phone operator employs SMS policy filter for its subscribers to remove the risk of receiving overseas based SMS spam
Parental control for mobile devices.
11 February, 2008
AdaptiveMobile provides a means for parents to exercise control over use of mobile phones such as site blocking, SMS restrictions and the ability to block certain numbers.
Pornographic spam targeted mobile users.
06 February, 2008
Lack of access controls and age verification enables suppliers of advertising material for adult content to target mobile users warns AdaptiveMobile.
AdaptiveMobile recommends mobile protection software designed for the task.
27 November, 2007
Increasing threats on mobile handset users from writers of malicious code require protection software specifically designed for the task rather than generic PC software, argues AdaptiveMobile.