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Biometric access token enables fast track personal and vehicle admission.

Privaris : 15 October, 2007  (Application Story)
Wireless identification token using biometric technology enables speedy access control at turnstiles, gateways and even road tolls alleviating congestion points.
Answering the demand for a secure gate access solution that will alleviate long traffic back-ups and wasted resources, Privaris has announced a new version of its plusID identity verification token that enables personal biometrics to be used for gate and vehicle security. Called plusID 90, this latest addition to the plusID family reconciles the demand for faster driver and vehicle identification with the need for heightened security.

Facility operators must be able to quickly and reliably verify the identity of drivers and vehicles without imposing solutions that violate privacy, add substantial costs or create additional security risks. Existing solutions that require drivers to come to a full stop for manual inspection cause traffic delays and significantly impact productivity. Privaris' latest enhancements allow drivers who regularly enter ports, military bases or logistics centers to verify their identity using plusID 90 by simply swiping their finger on their personal biometric fob as they approach the gate. Once the fingerprint is matched to the stored template on the fob, it wirelessly transmits encrypted credentials (not the fingerprint) to the gate control system to validate the access rights for the driver and the vehicle, without the need to come to a full stop or roll down the window.

"Traffic challenges tied to gate access and identity verification are plaguing ports, military bases and their surrounding communities, as it has not been possible to reliably verify driver identity without stopping at a checkpoint," said John Petze, President and CEO of Privaris. "The plusID 90 gate and vehicle system changes all of that. We've leveraged our innovative wireless, personal, biometric identity verification solution to create a 'fast lane' for drivers that will ultimately dissipate long traffic lines at gates. As a result, organizations will be able to reduce overall access control costs and wasted resources while increasing productivity and most importantly - security."

plusID 90 transmits credential data via 802.15.4, an IEEE standard for wireless communications operating at 2.4Ghz. The data is received by the Privaris Long Range Transceiver, which decrypts the credential information and passes it to an external control system to open the gate. The plusID 90 identity verification fob supports wireless communication with the transceiver at distances of up to 300 feet. With adequate lane design, vehicles can proceed through gates with full biometric identity verification at speeds up to 20 mph.

The plusID 90's enhanced gate access features include:.

* Compatibility and easy integration with physical access control systems: The Privaris gate system can be configured to output a Weigand data stream - a standard communications signal that is compatible with virtually all access control systems. The Privaris Transceiver also supports Ethernet communications and custom protocols.

* Vehicle locking and starting: In addition to supporting long range communication to allow "in-motion" identity verification for gate access, the plusID 90 can be used with commercially available vehicle starting and locking systems that are designed to work with standard card-type access credentials. plusID supports all of the RFID access card formats offered by HID® to provide the assurance of biometric identity verification of the driver when they enter and start the vehicle, as well as when they approach vehicle gates.

* Combining driver identity verification with vehicle identification: Privaris gate and vehicle solutions can be easily combined with long-range RFID technology, such as that used in automated toll road systems, to identify vehicles insuring that the right driver is behind the wheel of the right vehicle. RFID tags on the vehicle's windshield communicate with receivers mounted in the vehicle travel lane.
Information from the vehicle RFID system is compared with the data from the driver's plusID to verify a match - the resulting combination insures not only the driver's identity, but that they are in their approved vehicle.

The full plusID product line provides secure access to multiple facilities, computers and networks, adding the heightened security of biometrics through a convenient and cost-effective delivery model. plusID allows for rapid integration by working seamlessly with existing physical and logical security systems, and ensures personal privacy by performing all biometric processing, including matching, on the user's personal device, rather than an external database. Tamper-resistant and built to withstand digital and physical attack, plusID eliminates the security issues surrounding lost or stolen cards and passwords.
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