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Advances in ATM Surveillance Technology Reduce Self Service Banking Crime

Nanjing Yuantuo Tech : 13 July, 2010  (Technical Article)
Nanjing Yuantuo details the measures being taken to reduce ATM crime including the development of biometric technologies and the use of video analytics
Since ATMs and Self Service Banking have been promoted and widely used in the financial industry, the application environment and places where they can be applied are also becoming more and more. Therefore, security demands are also becoming more significant. Moreover, more technical skills are being acquired by criminals and thus it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of cardholder withdrawals more effectively. For example, in 2006, a malicious withdrawal of 175 thousand Yuan from an ATM in the Guangdong Province and all kinds of credit card fraud using ATMs happens throughout the whole country forcing people to find solutions to prevent malicious cardholders from committing crimes.

To completely record the whole ATM process including people approaching the ATM, transacting, withdrawing and then leaving is a common issue that is attracting the attention of the ATM surveillance industry. Legacy ATM surveillance systems kept recording all the time and with the corresponding increase of video data, it was difficult to analyse and find the right section of video relating to a crime. Also, the recording quality was not so good which created some difficulties in collecting evidence.

Nanjing Yuantuo has found that ATM crime and disputes between banks and customers have the following characteristics:

* Disputes arising from the quality of the ATM itself or something wrong with the communication lines.

* Criminals exploit ATM vulnerabilities to commit crimes. This often includes the installation of some special equipment on the ATM to steal passwords and PIN codes.

* Some companies use bank cards to pay wages. Often, the original passwords of these cards in some countries are the same, so a colleague will steal a card, withdraw money from the ATM and then quietly return the card. The victim then finds the amount on the account to be incorrect and goes to the bank to check. Although the bank can find details of the withdrawal, it can't prove that it was another person who stole the card to withdraw money. This can lead to customer doubts about the bank's integrity

* Most Self Service Banking facilities are unattended and sometimes suffer criminal damage which is often severe.

* Most bank cards can be easily copied. Several crimes have happened in China where criminals have colluded to copy bank cards for withdrawals.

To overcome many of these security problems, Nanjing Yuantuo Tech has developed an ATM embedded host and network centralized surveillance system based on H.264 image compression technology which can provide a digital networking solution for the surveillance of Self Service Banking facilities.

This host uses the PSOS embedded real-time system. It is very small and has a 10 inch HD digital LED display function. Meanwhile, it can be used for the development of special functions which are in line with the requirements of ATM surveillance security work according to the application environment, monitoring target and the features of external interfaces.

* Anti-riot, unmovable - Most ATMs are outdoors and unattended, and thus it is required that the design of the ATM should be anti-riot and unmovable. The embedded ATM surveillance products are designed according to the internal space of the ATM chassis and can be installed in the ATM without any changes. Meanwhile, the ATM has a 10 inches LED which is very convenient for on-site operation and maintenance,

*24-hour continuous operation - ATMs are required to provide 24-hour unattended service. Therefore, the ATM surveillance host is required to have similar operational capabilities. Meanwhile, the banks usually require that the video data be stored for 1-3 months and up to 6 months. The embedded ATM surveillance product uses the embedded PSOS operating system which can work steadily in very harsh environments. The video uses the H.264 compression algorithm and the host has passed 3C authentication and inspections. It can satisfy the demands of line and spacing ATMs in Self Service Banks.

*Shielded transaction password - To protect the users' PIN and passwords, the ATM surveillance host requires that the PIN pad and user's password can't be seen on the video. By using a surveillance host that can shield the transaction passwords, the above function can be achieved in the shielded password area of the monitoring video.

*Overlaid video card number - As a particular function of the ATM surveillance host, an overlaid video card number is necessary. By using an ATM surveillance host with an overlaid card number function, the user can directly overlay some information such as the corresponding card number, transaction type and transaction amounts on the screen. Along with this character information on the video recording, it can be used to confirm the results of subsequent tracking

* Surveillance integration with alarm function - Vibration sensors raise an alarm condition which triggers the surveillance thus reducing the required footage.

* New ATM surveillance technology - Intelligent Video Analytics and biometric technology are being used in the development of new security functions relating to self service banking applications. Biometric iris, face and fingerprint recognition is being developed for customer identity verification as a supplement to PIN numbers and passwords to overcome the problem of password theft. Intelligent Video Analytics can be used to interrogate meta-data in the recorded surveillance images for faster and more accurate forensic analysis for either solving crime or resolving disputes.

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