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5 High Ridge Park
2nd Floor
CT 06905
[t] +1 203 326 7200
[f] +1 203 348 1251

Protegrity provides wall-to-wall data protection across the enterprise from acquisition through to disposal including encryption and web protection. With many clients in the retail and financial services sector, Protegrity prides itself on the ability to deploy data protection technology across a number of platforms including mainframe systems, Oracle and Microsoft. The protection regime extends across all aspects of data retention and use including the internet, communications and data warehousing. Read More Protegrity news below:

Guidance On Securing Sensitive Customer Data
11 April, 2011
Protegrity uses the Epsilon data breach as an example for providing guidance on the use of best practices combined with tokenisation to prevent customer data leakage
Data Protection Software For Sensitive Data Held In Files And Applications
11 February, 2011
Data Security Platform 5.5 from Protegrity enables personally identifiable information to be protected using tokenisation
Effective, In-House Distributed Data Tokenisation
22 July, 2010
Ulf Mattsson of Protegrity provides insight into the challenges of data tokenisation and how his company has developed a scalable and distributed approach to tokenisation which overcomes the challenges associated with the more usual centralised methods
Data Protection System with integrated tokenisation
21 December, 2009
Protegrity releases DPS 5.1 adds tokenisation to strong encryption for providing comprehensive data protection for payment cards
DPS 5.1 offers strong payment card and identity data protection
18 December, 2009
Integrated tokenisation from Protegrity provides protection for personally identifiable information and sensitive payment card data
Integrated data protection system from Protegrity
22 July, 2009
At version 5, DPS from Protegrity offers usage monitoring and token based access to data at remote secure locations
Database security patent awarded to Protegrity
30 March, 2009
Advanced encryption key rotation technology provides improved database security and compliance
Protection for data warehousing
02 March, 2009
Audit and encryption functions along with improved security policy management hallmark release 4.6 of Defiance from Protegrity for the protection of enterprise data warehouses
Code review and WAP firewalls for PCI Compliance
29 January, 2009
Ulf Mattsson, Chief Technology Office at Protegrity provides a detailed review of attaining PCI compliance using Web Application Firewalls and Code Reviews
Making the choice between hardware and software encryption
28 January, 2009
Ulf Mattson, CTO of Protegrity offers a thorough insight into making the difficult choice between hardware and software-based encryption
The principles of solid encryption key management
27 January, 2009
Ulf Mattson, the Chief Technology Officer of Protegrity, answers questions on critical aspection of managing the encryption key security chain
Defiance Security Suite to be sold in UK and Ireland by GSS
09 December, 2008
Global Secure Systems signs deal with Protegrity to resell the company's Defiance Security Suite in the British Isles.
Personal Identity record protection
01 October, 2008
Protegrity identifies the personally identifiable information that exists and what measures are needed to protect it.
Data protection for z/OS
16 September, 2008
Web application firewall and data protection capabilities available with cross platform support from Defiance Security Software Suite 4.5
EMEA VP recruitment reflects global market expansion for Protegrity
24 June, 2008
New UK office for Protegrity to be led by VP for EMEA operations as the company drives its expansion into the European market
Free webcast on PCI DSS compliance
23 May, 2008
With PCI compliance deadline approaching, Protegrity arranges webcast to provide guidance on web application security
High speed encryption for minimal impact
13 May, 2008
Alliance between Protegrity and Teradata enables unprecedented performance in data warehouse encryption reducing the impact of security on business processes.
Experienced endpoint security professional joins Protegrity.
21 April, 2008
Protegrity strengthens its team of professionals with the appointment of Senior Vice President of Sales
Hashing algorithm steps up protection in Data Protection Suite.
04 April, 2008
Functions for protecting data increased in Data Protection Suite from Protegrity with stronger encryption methods.
Encryption key rotation for databases with no downtime.
27 March, 2008
Protegrity receives patent for data security tool that enables continuous database usage whilst rotating encryption keys.
Retail security award for Defiance Security from Protegrity.
07 February, 2008
Ability to meet the needs of retailers whilst complying with Payment Card Industry standards results in award for Protegrity's retail security software.
Meeting the mainframe encryption and compliance challenge.
31 January, 2008
Ulf Mattsson, Protegrity's CTO, explains the best practice for securing data and meeting compliance requirements on mainframe computers.
PCI compliance provision from Defiance Security Suite.
15 January, 2008
New information access features combine with PCI compliance capabilities in Protegrity's latest version of its Defiance Security Suite.
Threat management system for large enterprises.
23 October, 2007
Protegrity has released the Defiance Threat Management System, a web application firewall with a choice of deployment methods and suitable for large distributed enterprises.
Mainframe computing data encryption.
14 August, 2007
Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Protegrity explains the new approach to ensuring the security of mainframe databases through the latest data encryption technology.
Protegrity advice on combating the top 10 issues of protecting data.
13 August, 2007
Dr David Taylor, Vice President of data security strategies at Protegrity provides guidelines on overcoming the main problems associated with data protection.
Data protection for distributed businesses.
08 June, 2007
Defiance Security enables widely distributed organisations like retail chains to deploy comprehensive IT security within existing business processes.
Back up ecryption for critical consumer data.
10 May, 2007
Protegrity collaborates with Teradata to provide encryption products for backup as well as archived data for the protection of critical customer data.