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Prolexic Technologies
[t] +1 954 620 6002
[f] +1 954 620 6642
High Alert DDoS Attack Threat Advisory
14 March, 2014
New DDoS toolkits make it easier for generating high bandwidth and high volume NTP amplification DDoS attacks warns Prolexic
Warning of new DDoS attack toolkit launch
12 February, 2014
Prolexic is issuing a warning of the availability of the DNS Flooder v1.1 toolkit for use by hackers launching malicious attacks
Trends examined in DDoS attacks during 2013
23 January, 2014
Prolexic has shared the results of its studies into the trends exhibited during 2013 into Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
Mobile apps involved in enterprise DDoS attacks
16 January, 2014
Prolexic reports on the emerging trend of mobile applications increasingly being used in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on enterprises
DDoS mitigation effectiveness survey results
22 November, 2013
Prolexic defines what really matters to e-commerce companies in the protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks
Multi-layered security pitfalls in blocking DoS attacks
15 November, 2013
Prolexic releases a white paper explaining the pitfalls to businesses of deploying multi-layered network security as a means of blocking DoS attacks
Education software protected from DDoS attacks
11 October, 2013
Software as a service supplier for the education market is protecting DDoS mitigation services from Prolexic to prevent down time
Best practice guide for DDoS protection
20 September, 2013
A guide is available for understanding the best industry practices for protecting e-commerce web sites from the perils of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks
DDoS attacks plague online gaming communities
11 September, 2013
Game servers being used to channel DDoS attacks on financial services providers using reflection and amplification techniques
DDoS Attacks being used to camouflage fraud attacks
29 August, 2013
Prolexic issues threat advisory warning of increased fraud and identity theft attakcs being masked by DDoS attacks
Real time data analysis for improved DDoS protection
01 August, 2013
Prolexic discusses the use of real-time analytics combined with mitigation appliances in response to DDoS attacks
Capital injection received by Prolexic
26 July, 2013
Prolexic Technologies secures 30 million dollars in investment to continue providing effective DDoS mitigation
DDoS protection planning tool available free
05 June, 2013
PLXplanner provides free risk assessment and DDoS prevention planning for IT security professionals
DDoS defence validation white paper available
15 May, 2013
Prolexic has released a white paper containing a set of recommendations for the validation of DDoS defences
Video illustrates DDoS mitigation
29 April, 2013
Prolexic video illustrates how the company mitigates against a sustained 160Gbps DDoS attack
Online gambling service protects against DDoS attacks
10 April, 2013
Prolexic is helping an Australian on-line gambling provider to mitigate against distributed denial of service attacks
DDoS attack mitigation at US hosting company
27 March, 2013
Multi-vectored distributed denial of service attack on US develope and hosting provider mitigated by Prolexic
Study tracks DDoS activity in site load times
25 February, 2013
Prolexic demonstrates the effectiveness of DDoS mitigation in minimizing the impact of Distributed Denial of Service attacks
Global DDoS threat tracking tool available
13 February, 2013
PLXpatrol provides free access to current status of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) taking place globally
Fourth Quarter Report Shows Increase in scale of DDoS attacks
18 January, 2013
Massive rise registered in distributed Denial-of-Service attacks on key organisations and infrastructure during 4Q2012
DDoS attack mitigation on e-commerce site
07 November, 2012
An attack on the Parts Geek e-commerce site for automotive components has been successfully mitigated after a three day attack
Extended DDoS attacks explored in white paper
30 October, 2012
A white paper from Prolexic provides insight into the effects of a Distributed Denial of Service attack on e-commerce operators in the run-up to the high volume transaction season before Christmas
Online DDoS Calculator Provide Risk Assessment
23 October, 2012
An online downtime cost calculator based on DDoS attacks has been released by Prolexic to help companies estimate the costs of denial of service attacks
Multiple Sources Responsible For DDoS Attacks
15 October, 2012
Prolexic explains why the company believes that the recent run of Distributed Denial of Service attacks are the responsibility of multiple attack sources
Complex DDoS Threat Signatures Overcome Mitigation Methods
02 October, 2012
A new wave of Distributed Denial of Service attacks demonstrate increased sophistication and size of threats which are designed to overcome existing mitigation technology
DDoS Attack on Virtual Payment Card Provider Mitigated
13 September, 2012
Virtual payment card service provider EntroPay is breathing a sigh of relief after a high volume DDoS attack on its site was mitigated by Prolexic without loss of data
Glossary Available For Understanding DDos Terminology
31 August, 2012
Helping businesses understand the language of hackers and IT security, Prolexic launches a guide to jargon and terminology on its website
Financial Trading Company Takes DDoS Protection
08 August, 2012
Prolexic is providing Global eSolutions of Hong Kong with DDoS Protection Services for its financial trading technology operations
Report Focuses On Increase In Financial Service Company Attacks
12 April, 2012
Global DDoS Attack Report From Prolexic provides insight into the growing trend for malicious packet attacks on the financial services industry
Simultaneous Website Attacks From HOIC Threat
24 February, 2012
Prolexic provides details the HOIC malware targeting hundreds of websites in simultaneous DDoS attacks
Customer Monitoring And Mitigation Service Portal
20 January, 2012
Prolexic launches customer portal to enable greater visibility of on-line cloud-based mitigation services through graphs, reports and alerts
Foundation Source DDoS Attack Mitigation
10 January, 2012
Prolexic details its mitigation of a full Distributed Denial of Service attack brought about against Foundation Source
Free Security Scanner For Dirt Jumper DDoS Toolkit
03 January, 2012
Prolexic Technologies provides information on the DDoS toolkit known as Dirt Jumper and is providing a free tool for scanning for this threat
Santa Claus Website Protected From DDoS Attack
21 December, 2011
Prolexic has successfully protected the Santa Claus website from becoming the victim of a distributed denial of service attack
69 Million Packet Per Second Attack Mitigated
22 November, 2011
Prolexic explains how the largest volume Distributed Denial Of Service Attack was mitigated in 2011
Spa Finder Service DDoS Attacks Foiled By Prolexic
23 September, 2011
Two day DDoS attack on Spafinder identified and mitigated by Prolexic Technicians
Social Unrest Drives Higher Cyber Criminal Activity
25 August, 2011
Prolexic makes cyber attack prediction in near term based on global social unrest according to a recent report from the company
DDoS Protection for Online Perfume Supplier
26 February, 2010
ValentinePerfume has chosen to protect its online presence using Prolexic's service for mitigating Distributed Denial of Service attacks
Conficker DDoS protection from Prolexic
30 March, 2009
Full protection available for clients of Prolexic Technologies against the highly prolific Conficker botnet
Patent success for Anti-DDoS Service
04 February, 2009
Prolexic celebrates patent award for its detection and mitigation system for protection against distributed denial of service attacks
Massive bandwidth increase seen in Denial of Service attacks
24 November, 2008
Prolexis continues to protect service providers as distributed denial of service attacks continue to reach unprecedented sizes