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Behavioural anomoly detection with threat analytics
10 August, 2015
Holistic Threat Analytics Suite provides endpoint visibility of advanced threat compromised accounts
Third party loophole behind TalkTalk breach
02 March, 2015
LogRhythm discusses the need for controlling third-party organisation IT security to reduce the threat of corporate data breaches
Enhanced cyber threat detection and response
22 January, 2015
New Case Management and advanced search features provide IT security personnel with improved detection and response capabilities for cyber threats
UK consumers demand harsher penalties for data breaches
01 December, 2014
Survey conducted by LogRhythm reveals the extent of frustration endured by UK consumers at data breaches suffered by organisations and the need for harsher penalties
UK and USA to collaborate on joint cyber crime initiative
24 November, 2014
Cyber police exchange scheme could represent the start of a new approach in the fight against international cyber crime
Cyber insurance goes hand in hand with good practices
10 November, 2014
LogRhythm comments on the UK cyber-insurance market study and the need to combine insurance cover with good practices in protecting IT assets
UK industry failing to control insider threats
15 April, 2014
Study from LogRhythm shows the extent to which rogue insiders have free rein on company data in UK industry
XP users advised to increase defences
02 April, 2014
LogRhythm provides advice to Windows XP users on how to take action to minimise vulnerability risk after support withdrawal
SCADA vulnerability discovery signals need for vigilance
17 January, 2014
LogRhythm comments on the discovery of a vulnerability affecting SCADA industrial networking systems in as many as 38 countries
Zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in US SCADA systems
21 October, 2013
Industrial control software from one supplier has come under scrutiny from security experts with 25 vulnerabilities which could compromise critical infrastructure systems
Government cyber security spending challenged
02 May, 2013
LogRhythm comments on the criticism being levelled at the UK Government over its priorities on spending to improve national cyber security
Most UK companies cannot enforce employee data theft
10 April, 2013
A study by LogRhythm has revealed that as much as 75% of UK companies don't have an enforceable system of preventing data theft by employees
Password reset advised for Evernote users
05 March, 2013
LogRhythm comments on industry's reliance on point security leading to such cyber attacks as the recent hack on the Evernote service
Public service network compliance for Essex fire brigade
14 February, 2013
A fire brigade in the south of England has taken integrated log management and SIEM from LogRhythm to attain PSN compliance
Lack of IT security expertise leaves Britain vulnerable
13 February, 2013
LogRhythm comments on the National Audit Office's statement that Britain is vulnerable to cyber threats due to a lack of IT security expertise
Implications of new EU cyber security legislation
23 January, 2013
LogRhythm comments on the duties placed on large internet companies by the latest cyber security legislation to come from the European Union
UK E-Crime unit makes ransomware arrests
14 December, 2012
LogRhythm comments on the recent arrests of three people in the UK regarding ransomware, the latest cyber threat
UK public feel pre-emptive cyber strikes are justified
14 November, 2012
LogRhythm survey finds two thirds of people in the UK are not against making pre-emptive cyber strikes against states that form a cyber threat to the country
Security award for securing sensitive information
12 November, 2012
A project involving large volumes of sensitive information results in security award for participants Callcredit and LogRhythm
Big Data Security Lacking In Commercial Organisations
25 September, 2012
As the data labyrinth extends, the ability to control the data and access to it is shrinking according to a report on data security from PricewaterhouseCoopers
Energy Sector Becomes Target For Newly Discovered Malware
20 August, 2012
Discovery of new malware puts oil industry on alert with the prospect of data loss through malicious cyber attacks
Gauss Malware Threat To Industrial Control Systems
10 August, 2012
LogRhythm comments on the emergence of the Gauss malware and what it might mean to the vulnerability of critical infrastructure systems
Cyber-War Preemptive Engagement a Step Too Far
18 July, 2012
LogRhythm comments on reports of UK intelligence agencies favouring the use of Stuxnet and other malware to engage in cross-border cyberwarfare activities
New Security Approach Needed For Espionage Viruses
30 May, 2012
Following the emergence of the latest Flame Malware which targeted Iran, LogRhythm proposes changes in the way security tools are used
Cybercrime Most Prevalent in Financial Services Industry
30 March, 2012
Logrhythm to attend InfoSecurity Europe With Speaker Sessions on cyber crime in financial services
Further Failure In UK Post Office Infrastructure
05 March, 2012
Logrhythm comments on the most recent outage of IT systems that has hit the network of post offices throughout the UK
Critical Infrastructure Control Regulations in USA
07 February, 2012
LogRhythm comments on the US plans to regulate critical infrastructure protection and how the UK could follow suit to its advantage
Megaupload Protest Attach Disrupts Major Sites
23 January, 2012
The FBI and America's Motion Picture Industry Association sites were the target of an attack protesting against the closure of file sharing site
Mandatory Data Breach Disclosure Ruling Delayed Until 2012
14 November, 2011
UK Consumers meet ruling delay with frustration as data breaches continue unabated
Protective Monitoring For The Prevention Of Data Breaches
31 October, 2011
LogRhythm explains the connection between the insider threat and the need for protective monitoring in the prevention of data breaches
ICO Misled By Statistics Being Encouraged By 72% DPA Awareness
21 October, 2011
LogRhythm comments on recent ICO statistics, claiming that high awareness levels of DPA obligations doesn't mean that these obligations are being fulfilled
Trust plummets in the UK in wake of personal data losses
20 October, 2011
Survey by LogRhythm shows the majority of respondents are demanding improved data loss disclosure laws as a result of recent high profile leakages
APT Targets Leaders In CIS Countries
26 September, 2011
Government ministers and diplomats form former USSR states have been compromised in Advanced Persistent threat attack named Lurid
Further Cyber Breach Hits Korea With Epson Falling Victim
24 August, 2011
Korean reputation for widespread connectivity under observation from the security world as the country gets hit by second major security breach
Counter Accusations From China On Cyber Warfare
12 August, 2011
China has claimed to be the victim of over half a million cyber attacks following speculation that the country may have been subjecting global organisations to sustained cyber attacks
British Businesses Refuse Free ICO Audits
11 July, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the refusal of UK businesses to take part in the free data breach risk assessment audits being offered by the UK Information Commissioner's Office
Insider Presence Hack on IMF Requires New Approach
14 June, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the IMF hack and the role of log management in the detection of insider breaches, whether real or virtual
LogRhythm Comments On Latest Sony Hack
06 June, 2011
Hacking group makes successful hack on Sony website bringing further embarrassment to the electronics giant
Chinese Google Hack Drives Extra E-mail Security Vigilence
03 June, 2011
Targeted Google Users Provide Hackers With Opportunity to gain sufficient information to penetrate other systems warns LogRhythm
Integrated Log Manaement Chosen By UK County Council
02 June, 2011
Security Information Event Management and Log Management system from LogRhythm provides compliance capabilities for Powys County Council in the UK
Device Log Data Contains Clues To Source Of Lockheed Martin Cyber-Attack
01 June, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the cyber-attack on Lockheed Martin and the company's daunting task of finding the source of the attack within its extensive IT infrastructure
PCI SSC Directory Elaborates On European Compliance
26 May, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the role of compliance as seen by the PCI Security Standards Council leader for alerting companies to the misuse of data as well as intrusion prevention
Sony Breach Could Be Down To Poor Data Infrastructure Insight
06 May, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the data breaches at Sony believing that the electronics giant had a poor grasp on data logging resulting in data being copied without the company knowing
Hackers Gain Access To TripAdvisor Database
28 March, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the recent announcement by TripAdvisor that unauthorised access had been gained to the company's membership database
Poor Control Of Third Parties Leads To Data Leakage
23 March, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the data loss and the need for tight control over third party access to critical and sensitive data in order to prevent data loss
Intimate Network Knowledge Required To Prevent Sophisticated Cyber Attacks
09 March, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the recent G20 cyber attack on the French government and reccommends improved log management for improved network event visibility as a means of preventing such attacks
LogRhythm Advises Merchants To Seek Compliance Regardless Of Visa Exemptions
15 February, 2011
EMV-Enabled Chip and pin terminal exemption from PCI DSS reduces compliance burden for a few merchants but should not detract from the idea of becoming compliant to payment card industry regulations
Pattern Recognition Technology Added To SIEM Platform
10 February, 2011
Advanced Intelligence Engine from LogRhythm released in beta version with new technology for the detection of intrusion attempts and zero-day attacks
Public Sector Data At Risk Without Adequate IT System Monitoring
31 January, 2011
LogRhythm responds to the CESG warning on the failure of government bodies to take adequate measures to ensure the security of their data
Lush Security Breach Avoidable With Protective Monitoring
26 January, 2011
LogRhythm comments on the unacceptability of taking extended periods of time to detect and act upon Lush e-commerce web site security breaches, exposing the company's customers to data fraud risks
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