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Lone worker system for protecting vulnerable retail staff
20 January, 2015
Retail employees working for tool supplier, Hilti, are being supplied with the Identicom 8 series of lone worker protection devices from Connexion2
Housing Association protects staff with lone worker service
19 November, 2014
Identicom lone worker devices and the SoloProtect service is being used by Sovereign Housing Association in the UK for the protection of field staff
Lone worker protection features at Health and Safety event
16 May, 2014
Connection2 is attending the Safety and Health Expo 2014 in London to demonstrate the benefits of the SoloProtect lone worker protection system
Housing association protects staff with lone worker devices
08 November, 2013
100 lone workers at the Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd housing association are being protected with GPS monitoring using Identicom
Management system for dispersed lone workers
23 October, 2013
The MWMP management platform for lone workers has been updated by Connexion2 with improved dashboard style reporting
Australian ultra-marathon runner protected with 3G lone worker device
13 September, 2013
Identicom 3G lone worker device to provide peace of mind to marathon runner in 70 day run across lonely terrain in Australia
UK housing group protects vulnerable workers with Identicom
25 July, 2013
The Identicom lone worker protection system is being used by Lancashire's Calico Group for the protection of its vulnerable field workers
Identicom mobile app available as a free download
02 July, 2013
Lone worker application for smartphones for use with SoloProtect is available free from Apple App Store or Google Play
Innovation award for Identicom system
05 June, 2013
Lone worker protection device from Connexion2 gains innovative product of the year award for business continuity
US company acquires Connexion2
22 May, 2013
UK lone worker protection company Connexion2 has been acquired by Kings III in bid to expand lone worker alarm market presence in the USA
Identicom enters IFSEC award finals
23 April, 2013
The latest Identicom lone worker protection system from Connexion2 has been selected as a finalist in the IFSEC awards
Housing authority protects lone workers
10 April, 2013
Workers operating alone at the Vale of Aylesbury Housing organization are being protected with the use of the latest generation lone worker alarm system from Connexion2
Lone worker device provides additional protection with camera
20 March, 2013
Connexion2 is attending the IFSEC show in Birmingham this year with its new lone worker protection devices including the use of the latest mobile platforms and a lone worker alarm with integrated camera
Lone worker risks to social housing workers
14 March, 2013
Craig Swallow of Connexion2 examines the UK's Welfare Reform Bill and comments on the effect on the protection of lone workers in the social housing sector
Estate agent takes monitored lone worker protection
13 February, 2013
A UK estate agent's in Bolton is providing protection to its vulnerable workforce through monitored lone worker protection
Lone worker protection for family housing association
19 December, 2012
Field workers at Family Housing will gain protection from conflict and potential assault with the help of Identicom lone worker protection systems
Housing services company uses lone worker protection
29 November, 2012
Connexion2 has supplied a London housing services provider with lone protection devices for protecting vulnerable field staff
Updated BS8484 audit for Connexion2
14 November, 2012
Connexion2 has been successfully audited against the latest version of the BS8484 lone worker protection standard
Latest Identicom series gives better accessibility to lone worker protection
30 October, 2012
The Identicom 8 Series from Connexion2 goes beyond the requirements of British Standards by offering more lone worker protection for less money to extend reach into new markets
Recycling Group Protects Drivers With Lone Worker Protection System
04 October, 2012
Smurfit Kappa in the UK has taken Identicom lone worker protection from Connexion2 to provide security for its drivers on their early morning paper and cardboard collection rounds
Use of Lone Worker Protection Results in Risk Management Award Nomination
25 September, 2012
Travelodge has been shortlisted for the Risk Management Awards after providing its staff with Identicom lone worker protection
Lone Worker Protection For Housing Association Field Staff
07 September, 2012
Staff at One Housing Group who visit housing association tenants are being protected with the use of the Identicom lone worker protection device against assault and abuse
Unsupervised Housing Staff Gain Lone Working Protection
11 July, 2012
Thames Valley Housing is providing Identicom equipment from Connexion2 for the protection of its field staff
Safety of Nurses Improved With Lone Worker Protection
21 June, 2012
Identicom devices in use at St Luke's Hospice for the protection of nursing staff involved in palliative care within the community.
Latest Identicom Lone Worker Device Unveiled At IFSEC
15 May, 2012
Connexion2 is attending the IFSEC show in Birmingham with the Identicom 8 and 9 models of lone worker protection devices
Lone Worker Protection Reduces Risk For Campus Porters
09 May, 2012
Porters at a Cambridge college are being protected from potential danger from intruders with the use of Identicom lone worker protection
Overseas Partnerships Leads To Milestone For Connexion2
29 March, 2012
Shipping milestone reached for lone worker protection systems from Connexion2 with over 100000 Identicom systems shipped
Connexion2 enters partnership with Corps Security
01 March, 2012
Partnership with UK alarm receiving and monitoring centre brings additional lone worker monitoring for Connexion2
Staff at Travelodge Protected With Identicom Lone Worker Protection
09 February, 2012
Large UK hotel chain makes move to protect staff at over 500 hotels with the Identicom identity badge style lone worker protection device with direct links to alarm receiving centres
Study Reveals High Levels Of Abuse Towards Nurses
06 January, 2012
A study by the Royal College of Nursing reveals the extent to which members of the nursing industry require protection against high levels of abuse
Identicom Mobile Available For Androids and iPhones
23 November, 2011
Lone worker device app from Connexion2 available for use on popular Android and iPhone smartphone handsets
ACPO Accreditation For Identicom Lone Worker Solution
25 October, 2011
The Identicom Mobile smartphone lone worker protection system from Connexion2 has received the Secured By Design accolade from the UK's ACPO
Field Workers At Rochdale Council Protected With Identicom Lone Worker Devices
02 September, 2011
Council staff at Rochdale in Northern England who visit tenants are being protected from potential abuse with the use of the SoloProtect lone worker protection package which includes Identicom
Security Management Policy Review and Training For Housing Association Lone Workers
04 August, 2011
Connexion2 is supplying the York Housing Association with Lone Worker Protection expertise including a policy review and a training programme for the protection of its vulnerable employees
Free Web Based Lone Worker Protection
22 July, 2011
Connexion2 launches community based risk sharing portal with option for buddying to provide protection for lone workers
Lone Worker Protection System For Charity Organisation Staff
23 June, 2011
Workers at the Hearing Dogs For Deaf People charity have been issued with SoloProtect managed lone worker protection supplied by Connexion2
Phlebotomists Gain Identicom Protection When Visiting Homes To Take Blood
25 May, 2011
A popular health care service seeing medical workers visiting homes to take blood samples presented dangers to Leodis Care employees, prompting the company to protect them with the Identicom lone worker protection system from Connexion2
Connexion2 Attends Lone Worker Safety Conference
15 April, 2011
BS8484 Compliant Lone Worker Systems From Connexion2 will be demonstrated in London this May at the Lone Worker Safety Conference being held at London's Olympia
Lone Worker Protection Risk Assessment
10 March, 2011
Craig Swallow of Connexion2 provides detailed insight into the subject of Lone Worker Protection and explains what constitutes a lone worker and what duties organisations have towards their protection
Self-Teach Approach Offered For Lone Worker Protection
18 February, 2011
Connexion2 is making self training materials available to employers of vulnerable staff to enable them to study the concepts and operational principles of lone worker protection and alarm systems
Organisation For The Homeless Protects Staff With Identicom
13 January, 2011
Connexion2’s Identicom lone worker protection system is being used by London’s YMCA for the protection of front line operators in the organisation for assisting homeless people in the city
Safer Workplace Award Received By Connexion2
02 December, 2010
The Identicom lone worker protection system has received the Suzy Lamplugh award for its use within the NHS Security Management System
Lone Worker Protection For Windows Smartphone Users
03 November, 2010
Identicom mobile is now available for smartphones running Windows Mobile, bringing an additional convenient protection package for vulnerable workers
Identicom Mobile Keeps Great North Run Participants Safe
28 September, 2010
Charity race organizers equip its participants with Blackberry mobile devices loaded with Identicom mobile Lone Worker Protection from Connexion2 for real time monitoring, tracking and alarm signalling in the event of problems occurring
Lone Worker Device Selection Based On BS 8484
02 September, 2010
Anne de Vere of Connexion2 provides an overview of the BS 8484 Code of Practice and explains its significance in providing duty of care to vulnerable employees when selecting a lone worker protection device
Tool Retailer Protects Shop Staff With Identicom Lone Worker Protection
10 August, 2010
Hilti chooses to protect its employees from workplace incidents through the use of identicom lone worker protection from Connexion2
Identicom Meets The Lone Worker Protection Needs Of Community Housing Association
31 May, 2010
Preston community housing association takes Identicom from Connexion2 to fulfil their lone worker protection responsibilities for their frontline staff without the burden of having to carry additional hardware
Connexion2 CEO Addresses Delegates at Lone Worker Safety Event
06 May, 2010
Using Technology To Improve Lone Worker Safety Is Only Part of The Answer is the theme of a talk being given by Connexion2's CEO at Earls Court next week as he addresses attendees of the Lone Worker Safety Conference and Exhibition
Staff Doubles for Lone Worker Device Supplier
03 February, 2010
Connexion2 doubles size of workforce to meet increasing demand for SoloProtect and IdentiCom branded lone worker protection systems
Student accommodation group secures its staff with Identicom lone worker protection
07 January, 2010
Identicom trial at Unite provides successful results leading to the student accommodation management company protecting its workforce with over 150 lone worker protection devices
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